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#FediBlock, transphobia and other right-wing shit 

ah yes, social dot midwaytrades dot com. The domain name already foreshadows what's to come.

The admin:

  • uses Gab and BitChute
  • states "my intention is to moderate as little as possible" on about page. As such, federates with a lot of fascist crap.
  • is transphobic. Which isn't surprising at all, considering the prior points.
  • does lots of other things I cannot possibly list

Consider blocking both social dot midwaytrades dot com, as well as the entirety of midwaytrades dot com.

Receipts attached as images.

Time to continue Monkey Island May with the Special Edition of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge!

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i was going to poke at one of my many unfinished code projects today but i can't remember which one i had in mind

are ya winning, father?
are ya winning, son?
are ya winning, holy spirit?

too many little projects i want to do and not enough time/attention/etc to do them

i couldn’t remember the word “dustpan” earlier today. all i could think of was “broom scoop”

mood (-), food 

feeling kinda down and lonely

maybe i'll get ice cream. idk


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re: venting, mh (-), all caps 

"email us if you want to change anything" WTF WHY DO I HAVE TO EMAIL YOU especially when i end up finding more info elsewhere on reddit eventually. WHY

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venting, mh (-), all caps 

AUGH i hate when a good mood is derailed by annoying frustrations, especially tech-related ones that i go down a rabbit hole trying to fix

especially when it's something that in theory SHOULD BE SIMPLE but no, whoever created the service/site/etc decided to hide all possible information about it FOR NO GOOD REASON

ugh it came back but then dropped again. wonder what’s up

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hmmm internet seems to have conked out. i was going to toot something else but i forgot lol

i kinda just want to sleep. i need to block out more light on my windows again as the days get longer. the white blinds let in way too much light

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Livre sur les jeux vidéo, Twine et comment faire des jeux plus queer et inclusifs à recherche d'une nouvelle maison. C'est une anthologie fascinante qui parle de jeux, de santé mentale, de représentations et de comment raconter nos histoires. 18e envoi compris
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