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beverage mention 

gonna need strong music and loud coffee to get through today

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i wonder if there are property owners who intentionally lure kaiju to their buildings for insurance scams

i like how godzilla just stands there. "show me what you got, puny humans!"

cameo from baseball player Hideki Matsui whose nickname is 'godzilla'

activate interlock! dynotherms connected! infracells up! megathrusters are go!

food/coffee mention 

add some chocolate and espresso and you'd have


let's use godzilla's bones to make a weapon. what could possibly go wrong

i'm watching my dvd so i hope the edit is the same and i stay in sync. also watching in japanese with english subs, although maybe i should switch to the dub along with everyone else?

Boost this if you like soup or

if you wanna destroy capitalism

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