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it’s almost the one year anniversary of the year 2020

what if i joined multiple virtual/zoom new year’s eve parties at the same time? wondering if my brain could handle the chaos (and how annoying it would be for the others lol)

xmas, pandemic 

got myself a board game for xmas. it’s 2-4 players, though, and i live alone, and pandemic restrictions here currently disallow indoor private gatherings, so.......

(i will probably play against myself just to try it though)

ironic covid vaccine conspiracy shitpost, lewd-adjacent? 


i just misread “halo combat” as “hello combat” and now i want to play that game

suddenly remembering the last time i updated a graphics card to play a specific game was for toontown

every day for the last week i have thought about this hare that lived 518 years ago

for luck, on the first of each month you say

for the night crew:

hey y'all, i'd appreciate a boost and some help if you can offer it. i've been out of work trying to start my own biz and our savings are running out now.

things are getting dire, i have three kids and we need to make it through this fucking year.

can you help our fam keep paying the bills?

Imagine there's no seven
It's easy if you try

selfie (halloween costume) 

my halloween costume i wore last night for a google meet video chat party

i’ve been doodling on index cards and cutting them out to stand up, for no particular reason. somehow making them stand up like that makes them feel more “real,” like a finished project even though it really isn’t lol

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