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police violence mention 

the song 'Cherry Beach Express' by Pukka Orchestra keeps popping into my head these days. it's a song from the 80s about a notorious location in toronto where cops would take people to beat up



wonder why it keeps coming to mind 🤔

i like petting the foxes in ghost of tsushima. and writing haiku and collecting flowers

(most of the game is killing, of coursel)


Just noting that Twitter now has a reply restriction (even though it's not designed particularly well), while Mastodon still takes the stance that this wouldn't be a good idea, despite the fact that there has been a PR for this for *two years*, and the PR author has faithfully updated the PR to be ready to merge ever since. [citation:]

jort-makers, what do you do with the jort leftovers?

each random or small encounter gives me so much anxiety though haha. i die so often. my reflexes just aren’t good enough to parry or dodge very well

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i’m enjoying ghost of tsushima but i will probably have to knock the difficulty level down to easy (like i do with most games). i’m being stubborn about this for some reason, even though i played the inFamous games on easy too (same developers)

@tootapp is there a way to turn off animated gif auto-play? at least i think they’re gifs. there’s definitely media in my TL that is animating on its own that i can’t stop :/


i don’t remember eating the last of my chocolate but it’s all gone and i live alone :(

I want to do something that doesn't involve doing anything

celebrity death 

i did not know that Carl Reiner was a huge fan of THE NET (1995). i've been meaning to rewatch it for a long time, maybe it's time now. RIP Carl Reiner

bitbucket removing mercurial (hg) support tomorrow reminded me that i somehow have 3 atlassian accounts, which is actually quite annoying

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