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I want to do something that doesn't involve doing anything

celebrity death 

i did not know that Carl Reiner was a huge fan of THE NET (1995). i've been meaning to rewatch it for a long time, maybe it's time now. RIP Carl Reiner

bitbucket removing mercurial (hg) support tomorrow reminded me that i somehow have 3 atlassian accounts, which is actually quite annoying, TERFs 

TIL that the transphobic "stop calling us menstruators" petition was nuked by, so... TERFs didn't take the hint and proceeded to create another petition crying to Change to stop deleting their petitions.

Feel free to report this shit too.

a short, beautifully animated fan film about a trans kid, starring godzilla, little godzilla, and baragon


my quarantine hobby has been baking cookies. i never baked much before. but since i live alone i have to resist eating the entire batch in one sitting lol


why is it when i mute/block an account, its toots aren't removed from my home column? didn't that used to happen?

Does #AnimalCrossing take place in the same universe as #Beastars? Why or why not? Discuss. 🤔🐺🐰🦌🐶🦁

i watched SCOOBY-DOO! AND KISS: ROCK AND ROLL MYSTERY (2015) last night. i swear it might be the greatest rock-and-roll movie of all time


i made peanut butter cookies for the first time! they turned out not bad. some are a little burned so i’m eating those ones first

hey, question.

why on god's green earth did i think it would be a good idea to make the following image,


what if we wore deep sea diving suits

could we hug then?

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