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goop, shitpost 

GOOP = Gwyneth Object-Oriented Programming

yay i’m going to see it with some friends on tuesday!

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i want to see the kristen stewart sea monster movie

De las protestas en Boston, contra la guerra en Irán:
"Tienes más en común con los civiles iraníes, que con los multimillonarios estadounidenses".
Ni guerra entre pueblos, ni paz entre clases.

rhythm games are like "what if I listened to music but it was stressful"

what does an exorcist do? 

beats the hell out of me

watching this episode of "the six million dollar man" while working. the upload includes all the commercials, too!

tv of this era is so slow-paced, which makes it perfect for not having to pay much attention to


i'm not really watching since i'm working on stuff, so i have no idea what's going on. someone was killed by a demonic chair, and there were some zombies?

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i think i will watch something tonight, but what? :thaenkin: :blobhyperthink:

ranty. loud neighbours 

seriously: once i went downstairs to pound on their door and there was *another* neighbour in the hall about to do the same thing!

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ranty. loud neighbours 

and now the sound system has been cranked up 😡😡😡

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ranty. loud neighbours 

ffs, even when the downstairs neighbours have their sound system turned down, their VOICES are SO. FRIKKIN. LOUD. why the fuck do you have to YELL all the time??


Future//Tense: Gender

An anthology of transfuturistic science-fiction. The stories within will explore the way gender, transition, and trans issues may change over time.

new year's 

oh, this is better (from the same site)-- multi-timezone countdown till 2020

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