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My terminal font has been released!

If you folks are interested you can grab it at

!!! a fantasy console game engine with a QR-code reader so that entire games can be encoded in QR codes printed on paper cartridges! the qr codes aren't links to the game-- they *are* the game

#GameDev #gameing #retrogaming #fantasyConsole

youtube compilation? more like 

video tapas


When you were a kid, would you press the pieces of gold foil covering chocolate coins back into coin shapes when you were done, or would you crush the foil and immediately discard it?


i'm at my folks' for the holidays and i'm eating way too many sugary things! it's giving me a headache

fuck! as a test i queued up a game for download on the playstation store. it’s not downloading but in a “waiting” state. looks like it’s turned off for some reason. GRRRRRRRR

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hmmm forwarded a bunch more ports, still not working. this sucks! i won’t be home for over a week, sigh

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oh wait— i wonder if i was using a different router the last time i used this from outside of home. maybe i need to forward/open some ports?

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welp, looks like my ps4 at home must have shut down or something? ps4 remote play can’t find it :(

also going to see how well ps4 remote play works from my folks’ internet this year

since i’m at my folks’ for the holidays, i’m going through some of my old books & stuff that are still here

billy the flying fox mascot mannequin at billy bishop airport

saw a sign for “ethos water” and for a sec i thought it said “chaos water”

this nye is going to be the 20th anniversary of y2k

star wars opinion 

it took me two sittings. glad that’s over with. if there ever is a next time, i’ll do what @hache suggested and skip over 90% of it

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