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email from netscape responding to my inquiry about buying a copy of netscape for mac (in 1996):

'Thank you for your interest in Netscape's software. If you would like the 128-bit encryption of the Navigator, it is available on diskette only. If you place your order through the General Store online (NOT the "Quick Purchase" program), you will receive the diskettes in the mail. Or you can call our Personal Sales Dept. to place your order by phone and we will mail the disks to you as well.'

the backup CD includes a Eudora folder with email going back to at least 1995. nice

"I'm looking forward to trying out Windows XP, too, and Luna, Microsoft's own candy-colored interface. I'm using W2000 Pro at work, and I'm quite happy with it. Much nicer than NT 4, much more stable than 98.


visible part of email reads:

"... KDE, never tried Solaris...). As a Macintosh, it's different... not quite a Mac, but not anything else, either. It's different enough that I find myself reaching for Ctrl+C to copy, rather than Apple+C. Weird weird weird.

I've attached a screenshot just for kicks. With Terminal running, too. Oh yeah, that's the freakiest thing, a Mac with a command line. Also, for comparison, I've got a Classic application running too."


whoa i found another screenshot in which i am writing an email about my first impressions of mac OS X! hilarious. transcript of email in next toot(s)...

found a backup cd rom from 2001 that was surprisingly still readable. it includes this screenshot of my macOS X desktop from back then

4chan, 8chan, we all knew what was gonna happen hehe 

via hellbird

RT quenchgame:

🐘The journey begins…🐘

Quench is coming to Nintendo Switch on August 7!

🌳We are collaborating with @\charitywater to donate $1 to a water project from every sale in August!🌳

💧Buy Quench and help bring clean water to a community in need💧

Please share💚

all caps 

writing clear technical documentation can be challenging but also satisfying. although i’m not actually sure if what i’m writing is *actually* clear, lol— that’s up to the audience to decide

i forgot to post this here! i’m going to have a table at in september! i’m nervous lol even though i have a few things already. i want to make something new too

if you’re in toronto on that day, drop by and say hi if you like!

an interesting article about a board game from the early 1900s and the fight for womens right to vote that was the reason for its creation

for your consideration; the neon genesis evangelion typing tutor for Dreamcast 「新世紀エヴァンゲリオン タイピング-E計画」

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