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writing clear technical documentation can be challenging but also satisfying. although i’m not actually sure if what i’m writing is *actually* clear, lol— that’s up to the audience to decide

i forgot to post this here! i’m going to have a table at in september! i’m nervous lol even though i have a few things already. i want to make something new too

if you’re in toronto on that day, drop by and say hi if you like!

an interesting article about a board game from the early 1900s and the fight for womens right to vote that was the reason for its creation

for your consideration; the neon genesis evangelion typing tutor for Dreamcast 「新世紀エヴァンゲリオン タイピング-E計画」

List of kiwi farm instances 

looking at the colours for the switch lite and again i find myself wanting a comeback of translucent plastic gadgets

that was weird— i blinked and i swore i saw a digital glitch for the split second my eyes were closed

one nice thing at my friend’s wedding i attended this weekend: they used the name i prefer on the placard :)

thinking i might make jeff bezos the villain in my scooby-doo fanfic

watching all the scooby-doo i can get my hands on, of various eras, to prepare for

thinking of writing this as fanfic for camp nanowrimo next month. hmmm

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