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i want to go to the spooky flea market today but it’s only on till 5pm and i’m feeling so lazy and i’m not even dressed yet

a great way to thank people who make positive contributions to our communities is to PAY THEM! So get your wallets out for @ArtistMarciaX

my eyes keep closing 😴 i can't stop yawning

one hazard of being this short on sleep is that you get clumsy, making water spills on your laptop more likely :( luckily i don’t *think* any got into the keyboard or through any holes but i’m letting it dry anyway. i wonder if i set off any of those super sensitive moisture sensors inside. ah well. i have multiple backups of everything just in case

I need some movie suggestions! I’m looking for ones with a protagonist that is irritating/whiny for much of the movie. Double points if they are a Chosen One. Movie can be good or bad in of itself.

The first Harry Potter, Star Wars episode two/three, and Black Calderon come to mind as examples, but I need more!

vulcan, lewd? 

Are kittens mechs?

I am now able to compare the watchOS Activity smack talk between Australian English and U.S. English, and, well, it’s all a bit strange.

Some of it is just sort of grammatical changes and different approaches to the same thing…

oh no a bunch of games i wishlisted on the playstation store are on sale

i fell into a scooby-doo wikipedia/wikia/etc rabbit hole last night and now i kind of want to play every scooby-doo video game

wwdc, minecraft, arkit 

wwdc, arkit 

wwdc, itunes 

or maybe the fans can be cranked up high enough for propulsion?

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