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I want to see a captcha where people have to type the text they see in images, but it's text like "Immigrants are human beings just like me", "The color of my skin does not make me better than other people", "LGBTQ+ people deserve all the rights that I have", etc.

last night i impulsively decided to finally sort all of my dvds. one side effect of this is discovering duplicates, lol

anyone want a copy of MATRIX RELOADED?

let's all just appreciate the example image on wikipedia's rabbit article

Bunny and kitty 


whoa polls

listen yall i am Cancelling the word "creepypasta" its 2019

instead may i suggest

Fettucine Afraido

productivity, personal projects 

i got this book of pulp comic reprints today and learned that there was a comic book hero named SPURT HAMMOND. wow


it’s the 20th anniversary of THE MATRIX. happy trans day of visibility! :heart_trans:

lewd. robots 

lewd. robots 

repost because i forgot the food cw 

EA have published a study of US gamers which found:
* 56% feel it's "important" for games to be inclusive
* Only 7% would be less likely to play games with inclusive features
* More respondents are concerned about toxicity in the games industry than microtransactions/DLC (61% vs 49%)

Christchurch shooting; right wing monsters 

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