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two drawings. i still need to do one for today. the prompts were “smoke” and “bulb” for these two

eye contact 

on one hand i want to do but on the other hand i feel so unmotivated ;_;

if i do this year, i’ll have to try not to be so hard on myself (and it might help if i don’t look at everyone else’s amazing drawings lol)


oh i guess a lot of this is actually backed up online on backblaze?? i thought i excluded all of these media files lol

uh oh. looks like this ancient external hdd is finally dying. nothing critical on it-- just a bunch of downloaded or ripped media. i'll have to recover what i can and uh... get a new one i guess

If you could spare a couple dollars to help me pay for groceries and my top-of-the-month bills, I'd really appreciate it. #transcrowdfund


Seattle LGBT Safety PSA, potential violence 

eye contact 

eye contact 

i was suddenly reminded of the existence of VHS-C

messing around with sketch and adobe XD for the first time. not sure if using UI prototyping tools like this suits my brain or not yet

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