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i probably take at *least* 2x as long to play through games compared to most people. i'm super cautious and exploratory, and i have terrible reflexes. if i were to stream, i bet i'd be frustrating to watch 😛

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why do they need to tell the computer what the stardate is
doesn't it already know the current time

Another genderless insult you can use at your neighbor Show more

Ok Google, start timer, 55 minutes

"OK, starting timer, 55 meterzoes"


looks at phone

> 55m 00s

Oh, "55 metres, oh's"

playing bloodborne for the first time (very LTTP here i know!), since i got it on PS+ ages ago and never looked at it till now. on one hand i’m enjoying the core game part, since it matches the way i tend to play games anyway (ie very cautiously), but i don’t think i have the patience to keep repeating areas when i die and get sent back to the last spawn point. i also like the spookiness. i probably won’t keep playing for much longer tbh, which is kinda too bad?

aww no CLOVERFIELD sequel this year? i was hoping it would be an annual tradition

"don't be a dick" is not a proper code of conduct.

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bah i should have gone to a more comfortable coffeeshop. with more/better seating

"Video Games As Punk Rock (Presented by Amazon at GDC 2019)"

HAHAHAAHAHA. Other big-brain conference ideas for 2019:

Saving the planet by remembering to turn off faucets - Presented by Frakking Oil Giants.

Privacy and cypherpunk - Presented by Facebook.

Solving wealth inequality - Presented by Billionaire Association.

World peace, democracy, and human rights - Presented by US military-industrial complex.

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finally getting around to downloading blender 2.80 beta. excited to try the new UI

tired: VR
wired: BR (bee reality 🐝 )

final list of what i watched today, on groundhog day

source code
run lola run
happy death day
a couple of episodes of russian doll
edge of tomorrow

lol i didn’t even actually watch groundhog day itself

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