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Hello. If you're looking for a queer and inclusive tarot deck, the numinous tarot actually needs some love on kickstarter. Don't hesitate to share the word, it's one of the most amazing decks I know and we really need more diverse representations in tarot.

I still need to come up with about $700 to pay my bills next month. If you can help, I'd really appreciate it.

Please boost, and thank you for all of your help. ❤️

finally getting around to watching on netflix. it’s lovely & magical

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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, despite promises made during the funding phase of their Kickstarter, has dropped Mac, Linux, and PS Vita support and is not offering refunds for backers who don't have access to other platforms.

Always remember: assume that everything in a given Kickstarter description is a lie until you've actually received the product and can judge it for yourself.

(h/t @Nezchan )

mastodon is great because if I see "CW: my year 2018 (+)" and I'm in a good mood and felt like i did a good job i can open taht shit up and celebrate with you and if i'm down on myself i can scroll by it while still acknowledging you had a good year in some way

this is mostly a joke but please CW any all-encompassing 2018 reflections you have cause BOY HOWDY that shit can kick people while they're down

has a new layout. the timeline literally goes sideways

It amazes me how easily Mastodon's client ecosystem could be improved simply by making the maximum post length fetchable via the API.

But since a certain person that shall not be named doesn't want it, it won't happen.

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wish i’d exported my user data from letterboxd (they’ve been having serious server load issues for days). it turns out i refer to my viewing diary on there a lot more often than i realized

Habari gani, y'all? Today is the first day of Kwanzaa!! We focus on Umoja, or Unity, today -- how can we strive for and maintain unity in our homes, communities, and the world at large? What are we doing to unite our fellow denizens of the planet?

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With the removal of #RSS features from #firefox, I was left very disappointed. How can #mozilla backslide on the essential bits of the open web by removing support.

However, @kensanata has, yet again, saved the day by making a lovely bookmark that finds the RSS feeds for pages!

Here is a little holiday present from Alex, passed on by me. Thank you, good Sir!!

someone please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks "demoscene" sounds like a geologic time period

Presenting: the 12 Days of Unicode

On the 12th day of Unicode the Consortium gave to me:

12 hundred emoji
11 unused planes
10 🆒👩�🎓🤦�♂�
9 duplicate As
8-bit hacks
7-bit horrors
5 encodings!
4 normal forms
3 private zones
2 surrogate blocks
And a single character set!

Every year thousands of Santas crawl out of their hive, depositing presents in exchange for sugar which they bring back to their queen.

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