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i just realized that i probably spend more time browsing in bookstores than actually reading books these days :/

hey maybe some of you will like this

i've only been lurking for a day, but so far I'm impressed with the conversation quality. one thing in particular I quite like is an absence of the "That Method Is 100% Wrong (And You're Stupid For Trying It)" attitude that plagues C++

(the more you vary the domains you work in, the smaller the 100% Wrong set becomes)

Pettiest of pet peeves: when somebody sends me β€œhey Kevin” on slack to ask me a question, but won’t ask the question until I respond to their greeting. You can put it all on one message.

I started asking a friend in my #NintendoSwitch Discord β€œwhat co-op games do you have” but iOS autocorrected it to β€œwhat do-wop games” and is this a new genre of #VideoGames?

yaayyy 50k!!

right in the middle of a fight scene between a werewolf, an allosaurus, and a demon


Proud Boys (failing hilariously) 

TIL: the actual name for the font 'andale mono' is 'andalΓ© mono' (note the accent)? which means the first word should be pronounced with 3 syllables??Γ©_M

you can hear the designer pronounce it in the youtube video linked from that wikipedia article:

in the case of zombie apocalypse i will probably be alerted, thank goodness

Just a reminder that your worth is not tied to your productivity and how much money you can make a company πŸ’—

another emergency alert system test in canada today. i wonder if my phone will get the alert this time

The year is 2018. I have to periodically reboot my watch.

Doesn't MySpace look totally benign now?All we had to complain about was overzealous styling and autoplay background music.

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