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Nice feature for #NaNoWriMo, @write_as allows posts in chronological order for blog to display in novel format!

Another genderless insult you can use grocery shopping Show more

Violence Show more

attention to people dual booting windows 10 with linux: windows 10 is doing a fun thing where if windows update needs more room for said updates, it will *delete other partitions on the hard drive*

omg i can’t seem to stay awake today 😴 guess i need the rest (not been able to sleep much lately) but i need to write!

Worst thing about the Mastodon UI:
You see a "Sensitive content" pic. Curious, you click anywhere within its frame, and it's revealed to be something you really didn't want to see. So you immediately and instinctively click again in the same spot, intending to toggle it back off, but instead it GETS BIGGER.

day 2: i am now at 2432 words, which is ~900 words behind. no sweat. i'm also beginning to learn about my characters, lol

confession: i used to think the “send toot/tweet” thing was like a plea to “send help” but in toot form somehow... no i didn’t really understand it lol

It ain’t outreach if the people you’re trying to reach have to stretch further than you do.

pro wrestling eve has made "global women's strike" free to watch while wwe's blood money event is taking place

that's me on a scooter
that's me on a push. bike.
reducing my emissions

Another genderless insult you can use when your team loses Show more

A little about the personal path my games take from my brain to your table:

#Firefox #ProTip: Stop videos from autoplaying! (Updated for Firefox 63!)

1. Go to `about:config` and convince it that you know what you're doing.

2. Search for `media.autoplay.default`.

3. Double-click `0` and enter `1` if you want to always block, or `2` if you want to be prompted for every site that tries to autoplay (which can help with some sites that don't work quite right with blocked autoplay.)

4. Enjoy your significantly-more-pleasant browsing experience!

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