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sometimes i think about how i want to redesign some of my websites but then i remember how much i hate designing websites…

Hey guys, my cyberpunk adventure game Neofeud is 50% off this week!
"A cyberpunk masterpiece" "It's been too long since I've played a game with this much soul in it --Reviewers
"Top 25 Cyberpunk Games" --GamersDecide

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Check with your local public library or used book store if you are in the market for a new book. You will often find what you are looking for at a significant discount.

coming soon! the most anticipated cross-over in 21st century cinema: the bee movie and the emoji movie collide this summer in Show more

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The new Venom movie has a scene with intense flashing lights (the lab entry scene) and I received no warnings and had to leave (just for that scene) as I am epileptic!!! PLEASE share this since I’ve seen NO warnings being shared and this is very important and can prevent people from having seizures etc during the film.

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bad hair day today. worse than usual, i mean. i don’t know why i don’t get a proper haircut, either. habit i guess?

Important: Anyone in the bay area looking for a roommate? Please boost

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