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are there 8 hour long AMSR videos of Jony Ive reading the phone book?

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apple pushed 32 people off various cliffs to gather enough data on falling #appleevent

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#Pomodoro people, how did you successfully integrate that into #dev / #webdev / #gamedev / #indiedev without having it disrupt your flow? What intervals are you using?

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so tomorrow is a Nintendo Direct (it's at midnight on the 14th for me, tho), and they finally announced a date for the Nintendo Switch Online service!

Job opportunity!

Mission: supporting lawyers and volunteers successfully fight asylum claims - working to get immigrant detainees released

Tech: ruby, rails, mysql, react a plus

Details: small eng team, remote position, health ins, salary (this job is about the mission, not making bank)

Interested? DM me!

Please tag your rails/react hacker frens!

alright Apple event today at 10AM PDT, will be using the #AppleEvent hashtag for posts related to that so you can use that to filter

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When I see a game advertised as with over eighty hours of gameplay that just feels more like a threat than anything else.

Is the name Max, just to confuse people who say:
“Apple doesn’t care about Macs anymore”?
“What do you mean? I love the new big screen Max phone!”

(My autocorrect is going nuts switching those back and forth)

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