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maybe tonight is the night i start my rewatch (all the movies, plus & )...

@garbados just to make things even more interesting consider how a single modern webpage now take as much space as the shareware edition of DOOM used to take in the 90s, except one is a fully featured 3D shooter with multiple code and art assets and the other is a single document with barely any content in it.

The most important problem in tech today isn't anywhere near where the biggest money in tech is flowing. It also isn't anywhere near where the techno-utopian ideals of free software running the world are.

It's where the people who aren't having their needs met by the tech we have, the vulnerable people who have in fact been made _more_ so by the tech we have, are.

It's in realizing we've made grave mistakes and working together to fix them. It's about heart, not about fingers furiously writing code.

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Please boost this toot.

Fair warning everyone. will be prepping for a major move tomorrow. There will be extended downtime.

The costs of operating this instance on Azure have gotten too consistently high for me to be cool with, I will be moving to a self-hosted environment.

I know of one particular issue that I may face by doing so. If it gets to be too much of an issue, I'll look into fixing it.

A small price to pay for security.

it’s still kinda crooked looking though. OH WELL

Fun fact: the term "millennials" refers to the fact that the people in that group are actually one thousand years old

almost ended up cutting off all my hair again oops. managed to salvage the haircut. i think

the safest way to use computers is still abstinence

omg i should have taken a screenshot but some zalgo’d text in a notification on my phone actually spilled over the edge of the notification bubble

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new DOS attack vector discovered: if you teach someone to code, there is a 100% chance they will at some point fuck their whole system up and spend all week getting shit back together

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