@QuestForTori omg that's awesome!!! i used to have a MP2000! as far as i know it's still in someone's parent's attic in san francisco though…

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ME: Okay I need one of my ten spare micro-usb cables

MICRO-USB CABLES: *hide from sight, giggling*


ME (5 mins later): okay I have a working alternative

MICRO-USB CABLES (spontaneously parading across my bed): HI THERE ARE TWENTY OF US NOW

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i opened the visual basic editor for the first time ever in Excel for mac. digging the old-school windows-style scrollbars!

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i played enough metal gear solid V to have the doggy accompany me on missions!

@theoutrider i don’t know if i knew that before but picturing it my mind it makes sense

i want to watch it now but it’s past midnight already and i have a meeting in the morning... maybe i’ll watch half?

i’m behind in my godzilla movies rewatch because the next one is godzilla vs megalon. i’ve only seen the english dub (and the MST3K version), but this time i’ll be watching the japanese original (w/english subtitles)

after that though are 2 of my favourites: godzilla vs mechagodzilla and terror of mechagodzilla

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