@Omnyx @Excuse_haver if pants wore pants would they wear it like this or this?

@eris that reminds me that i haven’t seen carnosaur in forever. i think i have an old dvd of it somewhere

@kioskwitch woman in black was ok. not fantastic or anything. it didn’t anger me lol but it also didn’t impact me much?

so i ended up getting a jenga set. i’ve been playing it solitaire. no, “solitaire jenga” is not a euphemism (is it?)

@porsupah additionally, my roommate-at-the-time’s pet chicken (yes, pet chicken) was TERRIFIED by the laser pointer

@benhamill @taweret leprechaun != goblin ! besides i was thinking the leprechaun movies with warwick davis

@taweret i would definitely watch a leprechaun vs spider-man movie

i keep wanting to buy a jenga set. i’d be mostly playing alone though. i just like jenga-ing

goop, shitpost 

@taweret i finally watched bunny picnic the other night! loved it

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