@masklayer at first glance at the thumbnail i thought this was a game glitch

Here's one of my absolute favorite shots, "Momentary", where one had been sailing over the other, before being kicked out of the way mid-air, leaving them with a perfectly hapless expression.


#RabbitsOfMastodon #wildlife #bunnies

The biggest problem with phone app stores is they don't have any theme music playing in the background.

my current background viewing choice (while working) is the youtube channel Occult Demon Cassette. it's a bunch of VHS tapes ranging from "satanic panic" videos by evangelical groups, to "Phone Power," a 1988 instructional video about how to make business phone calls


TL;DR: "Voting with your wallet" in capitalism doesn't work because those with a bigger wallet get more votes.

And policing the consumption behavior of others is just shouting to people how they should ineffectually vote with their wallets.

A little more: Some peoples' wallets are so restricted that their capitalist "ballots" are also restricted, consumption-wise. Please bear this in mind.

If you want to affect *real* change for the better in this corrupt world, go after the system. Hold corporations accountable for the consumer goods they create, how they do it, and support plans to downsize them and democratize and unionize their workplaces.

i should be catching up on work but instead i'm watching trailer reaction videos on youtube

@GinnyMcQueen tron. watership down. godzilla vs monster zero. the descent. night of the lepus

i still don't know what to watch. maybe i'll read? or... slep

just spent at least half an hour trying to decide watch to watch-- i feel like watching something but i don't feel like watching anything?

@Jo @hache i find myself cursing with 'shazbot' for no particular reason except that it's been stuck in my head since the 70s

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i swear, i waste so much time in my life chasing down the solutions to minor tech issues i run into, rather than just shrugging my shoulders and coping like a healthy person might. the small annoyances irritate me and i feel the need to fix them RIGHT NOW

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