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huh, so they /did/ change alita's eyes between the first trailer & the second. i thought maybe i was just getting used to the way they looked. but they didn't actually shrink the eyes-- they made the *irises bigger*

it does look better, but i still think making her eyes bigger than everyone else's is a bad decision


selfie, eye contact 

that's not something i see very often: the only 3rd party login options on this site are "facebook" and "yahoo"

spoilers for avengers infinity war 

found this book at a used bookstore. copyright 1970: pre-personal computers! (long) 


world’s smallest dinosaur footprints

be sure to check out the animation in the embedded youtube video too

was just reminded of the TR-505 drum machine, which i had back in the 80s. i was never serious about music-making, but i sure had fun


meta, toot! app 

how to draw rabbits and hares! i always feel nostalgic about how-to-draw stuff like this (used to read a lot drawing books as a kid). and of course i love bunnies!

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