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somehow i only now discovered this website dedicated to gamebooks (a la fighting fantasy, choose your own adventure, etc). and i had no idea there were series of gamebooks!


i got a giant star wars colouring book at the movie screening tonight lol

here is my currently small collection of gamebooks (fighting fantasy and similar). a few of these are from when i was a teen but most were acquired only recently

i love this! (from 2016) “A letter was delivered to the farmers at Hólar in Hvammsveit, West Iceland, at the end of March, although it included neither the recipients’ names nor their address”


my haul from the zine thing tonight! can't wait to dig into them

at first glance i thought this headline read "Five new ancient GNOMES tell us about Neanderthal tribes"

i didn't know that there were sherlock holmes gamebooks (a la fighting fantasy)! found this at a used book store. published 1987

[this was the image i was originally trying to post lol]

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Marvel: 'Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history'