trying to force myself to draw more, even though i’m not feeling it 😑

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i kind of love the genre of thing that is “adaptation of an adaptation back into its original medium”, like STREET FIGHTER THE MOVIE: THE GAME. i was tempted to get this at a used bookstore tonight but i did not

hey @RobF, were you tooting about magnus robot fighter before? i just picked up this collection for free (someone was unloading all their geek stuff). just started reading it. he literally just punches (evil) robots with his fists

ok in reality it’s just rain, but i still like this comic panel

i’ve never actually seen SHREK. i got this tonight for free. yes, it’s a VHS tape (i still have a working vcr)! not widescreen though

check out this t-shirt i got! [selfie, eye contact]


[image: photo of a hand holding a power adapter with a SAMSNUG logo printed on it]

(source: )

i’m starting to make cardboard buildings out of cereal boxes. despite the photo, it’s not primarily for my kaiju toys lol

i wish i could remember the lat/long of this google maps screenshot i took, years ago. i can't believe i didn't write it down! i imagine the error has long been fixed, though

finally finished scanning and uploading the 1982 dilithium press book catalog i found in my boxes of old stuff. not a great quality scan but it’s something!

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