i am semi-watching on youtube a short-lived 80s cartoon i never knew about before: biskitts

selfie (halloween costume) 

my halloween costume i wore last night for a google meet video chat party

i’ve been doodling on index cards and cutting them out to stand up, for no particular reason. somehow making them stand up like that makes them feel more “real,” like a finished project even though it really isn’t lol

was going through some old notebooks and found these OpenDoc stickers! going to put one on my laptop

free papercraft patterns at creativepark.canon

i printed out and assembled this bunny (rather sloppily, but still fun and cute)!

made my forces avatar lol. obviously i haven’t unlocked much in the way of accessories yet

since i’m at my folks’ for the holidays, i’m going through some of my old books & stuff that are still here

billy the flying fox mascot mannequin at billy bishop airport

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