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bunnyhero 🐰‮☑️‭ @bunnyhero@octodon.social

finally finished scanning and uploading the 1982 dilithium press book catalog i found in my boxes of old stuff. not a great quality scan but it’s something! archive.org/details/dilithium-

what i did today: dressed up fancy with a bunch of people and waved at the ferries coming and going:

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this is a screenshot of the 'terms & conditions" page in an app i use for work. no, you cannot zoom in on the text 😂🤔😡

i would have said that this ad was targeted at me for being a mastodon user, but i know mastodon doesn't have ads or tracking :P

browsing through my flickr account, and found these scans from an old dilithium press catalog i had in my stuff. i never scanned the whole thing. if i ever find it again (assuming it's still around somewhere), i should scan it all & upload it to archive.org or something

since i have a recent pic of myself against a green screen, i couldn't resist doing this time machine visit 😛

wow i found a picture of me, hard at work, from 1994, taken by a coworker with an apple quicktake 100 digital camera

CW: eye contact