since i’m at my folks’ for the holidays, i’m going through some of my old books & stuff that are still here

selfie, eye contact 

billy the flying fox mascot mannequin at billy bishop airport

here’s the poster i made for my friends’ screening of the star wars holiday special at a local bar

at first glance i thought this box said “fine-ass crackers”

selfie, eye contact 

my sister’s doggy

[short video of norwich terrier walking up very close to camera]

forgot to post my entries here. these are for days 1 (“ring”) and 2 (“mindless”)

action figures from my favourite tv show, “cosmos warrior, peaceful bodyguard”

whoa i found another screenshot in which i am writing an email about my first impressions of mac OS X! hilarious. transcript of email in next toot(s)...

found a backup cd rom from 2001 that was surprisingly still readable. it includes this screenshot of my macOS X desktop from back then

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