two drawings. i still need to do one for today. the prompts were “smoke” and “bulb” for these two

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i opened the visual basic editor for the first time ever in Excel for mac. digging the old-school windows-style scrollbars!

i owned this once before, and now i own it again! i never actually played the vcr board game part of it

a little late in my time zone but here’s a ledumahadi mafube inspired dino for

just warming up since i haven’t been drawing much lately. a goblin for

i found it! i was trying to remember the book i loved when i was young, about movie monsters. it's called THE GREAT BOOK OF MOVIE MONSTERS. the library system here has a copy, so i've placed a hold on it so i can read it again

i dug out my old digital camera, a cybershot DSC-W30. based on the pictures on it, i last used it in 2010. there’s something about gadgets with little knobs & flaps & stuff that’s really appealing that i miss when using sleek featureless gadgets like smartphones

maybe i should leave it at lost and found? this is written on the first page (at the top and bottom, respectively). i can’t decipher them

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