there are a couple of different cuts of terror of mechagodzilla so i wonder if we are out of sync, depending on where we're watching?

@bunnyhero yeah, seems like internet archive is a different cut then HBO Max. I wonder which one most are watching

@whiskeysailor i just dug out my criterion blu-ray with the sub. when i seek both to the same timestamp since we started, at and on the blu-ray, they're in different scenes

@bunnyhero hopefully they get together when the monster comes (hopefully soon)

@whiskeysailor i think the dub has an intro segment that the japanese version doesn't have, so they may not ever line up. more of an offset

@bunnyhero thank you, I was going nuts trying to figure why some people are like five to ten minutes ahead

@bunnyhero I wonder if it's just that the one had a narrated recap montage before the actual movie started

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