found a backup cd rom from 2001 that was surprisingly still readable. it includes this screenshot of my macOS X desktop from back then

whoa i found another screenshot in which i am writing an email about my first impressions of mac OS X! hilarious. transcript of email in next toot(s)...

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visible part of email reads:

"... KDE, never tried Solaris...). As a Macintosh, it's different... not quite a Mac, but not anything else, either. It's different enough that I find myself reaching for Ctrl+C to copy, rather than Apple+C. Weird weird weird.

I've attached a screenshot just for kicks. With Terminal running, too. Oh yeah, that's the freakiest thing, a Mac with a command line. Also, for comparison, I've got a Classic application running too."


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"I'm looking forward to trying out Windows XP, too, and Luna, Microsoft's own candy-colored interface. I'm using W2000 Pro at work, and I'm quite happy with it. Much nicer than NT 4, much more stable than 98.


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the backup CD includes a Eudora folder with email going back to at least 1995. nice

@bunnyhero OSX and Quartz were suffering a bit of 90's hangover weren't they?
I had a Sage iMac I bought in 2000, and I was so happy with OSX that I used it for the next 10 years across two different Macs.

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