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I have been running into a situation where I keep using "RTX" to refer to hardware raytracing acceleration, but this is misleading because RTX is actually NVidia's trademark for their specific implementation and sometimes you want to contrast NVidia with AMD. To solve this, I would like to propose we now refer to the underlying technology as "HRT", for "Hardware Raytracing". "Within ten years all gamers will have access to HRT", et cetera

with the shutdown of on the horizon, let me just plug my mastodon export data viewer again~

thinking about making a new blog and/or social media accounts just for sharing stuff i generate with AI art tools. and thoughts on such. since i have a big mess of mixed feelings about the whole thing. i doubt i could articulate them well though

midjourney is the most fun to play with imho partly because it takes more “work” to get something coherent. and i feel like it lets me impart my own style in some ways? but idk. idk idk

⚠️ PSA Kiwifarms going down 

If indeed kiwifarms is going to be down for good, please understand that y'all should expect a TON of new activity in the fediverse. We've seen it with other sites and this is no different. If you're an admin be prepared for adding new domain blocks, if you're a user do not shy away from reporting and please consider enabling follow requests and disable DMs from non-mutuals.

I know this feels like an overreaction, but better safe than sorry. 🖤

oh just heard the news about cybre. come on here octodon is good. but only the non annoying, non classist, non bioessentializing, non racist, non what else is on my mind, you get it good luck

If you had the opportunity, would you legally change your name?


Let's watch some kaiju movies!



we will be watching:

Invasion of Astro-Monster (1965)

its on which is free and ad free (it's also on hbomax, pluto, tubi and several others)

please watch and live toot it with us and Mastodon/Fedi in general 

I totally understand @chr's decision to shutter Maintaining and moderating a large Mastodon instance is an extremely thankless task; at best, if you're doing a good job, nobody knows about it, and at worst, if something goes wrong, everything's a disaster and a fire drill and everyone's upset at you.

This is why I once again implore people to consider running their own blogs and using feed readers to follow each other.

(please boost) asking for money help 

hello! i need $80 to order groceries, $60 for medical weed, and $35 for my phone bill -- $175 in total

i have to work from home because i have asthma and catching covid is a major health risk for me. a friend has a really good opportunity that i'll be looking into





thank you 🖤

#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #TransCrowdFund


i want to go out to get ice cream but ugh i think i just need to nap 😴

minor anxiety 

notification dots make me anxious


i looked down and noticed i got blood on my trackpad. turns out i had scratched a scab on my arm without noticing it

ai-generated image. eye contact. spooky 

i made this with . i was going for a completely different image but this composition popped out so i keep rolling variations on it


i just had an iced mocha. yum

gotta get outside before it rains and while sun is still up. i still have work to do though. hoping to hit up a cafe patio. also hope i can stay awake. i’m so tired


they’re also way too sweet. i should have considered that when adding sugar!

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TIL pancakes made with almond milk will not brown. they’re cooked but pale

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i was going to make pancakes today but i’m feeling lazy. maybe i’ll just toast some frozen waffles

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