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a sign that says UNK UNK UNK and UNK

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nostalgia with BATMAN: OFFICIAL MOVIE SOUVENIR MAGAZINE. got this at a used bookstore for a few bucks. not in great shape but fun to revisit those bat-days

@TrollDecker weird, for whatever reason i too assumed that it was the combination of other names too!

I don't think anyone will see this... but hey.

📢 I do transcription work! 📢

Good for interviews, lectures and so on!

I've been doing it on Upwork so the last I charged was US$9.50/hr which I am aware is below, uh, non-freelancer website rates :/

Bayspreading: the web coding equivalent of 'manspreading', where your web page loads stuff from a million separate Amazon and Google servers located in the San Francisco Bay Area because you figure 'the Silicon Valley Cloud is everyone's personal computer these days, isn't it?'

and you don't realise 'everyone' in the world doesn't host data in the legal jurisdiction of the USA or even wants their data packets going beyond their local USB cable.

@bea @TrollDecker imho it was way overhyped? people said i would love it but to me it was meh

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à la @jalefkowit, a computer i wish i had owned:

commodore SX64, the briefcase "luggable" c64 with a built-in 5" screen. weighed 23lb! but it had a nice big carrying handle

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commodor octodon.social/media/JO9rM7LaM

if you're interested in programming (or you're like me who codes for fun) and maybe codecademy of freecodecamp are not for you, why don't you try one of these?..







enjoy! ☺