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jort-makers, what do you do with the jort leftovers?

each random or small encounter gives me so much anxiety though haha. i die so often. my reflexes just aren’t good enough to parry or dodge very well

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i’m enjoying ghost of tsushima but i will probably have to knock the difficulty level down to easy (like i do with most games). i’m being stubborn about this for some reason, even though i played the inFamous games on easy too (same developers)

@tootapp is there a way to turn off animated gif auto-play? at least i think they’re gifs. there’s definitely media in my TL that is animating on its own that i can’t stop :/


i don’t remember eating the last of my chocolate but it’s all gone and i live alone :(

I want to do something that doesn't involve doing anything

celebrity death 

i did not know that Carl Reiner was a huge fan of THE NET (1995). i've been meaning to rewatch it for a long time, maybe it's time now. RIP Carl Reiner

bitbucket removing mercurial (hg) support tomorrow reminded me that i somehow have 3 atlassian accounts, which is actually quite annoying, TERFs 

TIL that the transphobic "stop calling us menstruators" petition was nuked by, so... TERFs didn't take the hint and proceeded to create another petition crying to Change to stop deleting their petitions.

Feel free to report this shit too.

a short, beautifully animated fan film about a trans kid, starring godzilla, little godzilla, and baragon


my quarantine hobby has been baking cookies. i never baked much before. but since i live alone i have to resist eating the entire batch in one sitting lol

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