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h/t @polychrome:

in 'ads.js', include this line:

var canRunAds = true;

In your HTML, inside the <head> tag, include this script:

<script src="ads.js"></script>
if (window.canRunAds === true) {
alert("I noticed you're not running an ad blocker. You should be! Check out uBlock, available for every major browser.");

20GB+ of completely free reference photos. Use 'em for commercial or personal projects. No attribution required.

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heads-up users: private message exploit can lock up your console, possibly requiring factory reset

TIL: you can turn off private messaging entirely on PSN

its so sad google+ couldnt afford to run their instance anymore

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saw a guy on the subway staring at his smartphone which just showing the number 6,000 on a calculator app

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just gave a presentation on Digital Conjuration Using Hermetic Methods!

this project would have been impossible without Wolf & Grimsbane's seminal work on data storage, which has unfortunately been out of print long enough that it has become a difficult find

as usual, we found what we needed at @SuricrasiaOnline :

thank you, suricrasia online, for saving our research project!

I have my phone set to both English and French and when I tried to say mieux (better) one of the suggestions was m'linux


I’m still on the bird site because as a writer, I have to maintain a platform there.

But! I’d love to connect with more writers here! So if you’re a writer and want to connect, please follow!

If you have a bird name, let me know and I can follow there too (mine is KARiley40).

Boosts appreciated!

so my internet at home is down :( did all the troubleshooting with tech support, opened a ticketβ€”they might have to send out a technician

meanwhile, it turns out i can sometimes connect to the hotel wifi next door if i sit close enough to a window haha. no login page or password or anything

so it turns out i have 3 separate Atlassian accounts for some reason. i discovered this while trying to log into my Bitbucket account

Looks like Microsoft fixed the data-deleting bug from the Windows 10 update.

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