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i always forget about . i’ve never managed to draw more than about a dozen robots when i try to do it. will still probably try to draw a few robots this month anyway

cryptocurrency shitpost 

why won't these tokens funge

Some people claim that instance-blocking weakens the fediverse, and undermines the point of federation.

This is the opposite of the truth.

The point of federation is that it limits the accumulation of power: no single instance can control fedi, because users can always switch instances without leaving fedi.

This is why fedi and fascism are fundamentally opposed -- and why the ability to block fascist/abusive instances is the very heart of federation's power to serve its users.

years ago i used to have a nice pair of long fingerless gloves which were great for typing and keeping my hands and forearms warm. they looked cool too. they’re long gone though. my hands are so cold when i type lately ☃️

Heads up: this article seems to indicate that a flood of Trumpist bitcoin enthusiasts have migrated from Twitter to #fediadmin #mastoadmin

instance block rec (redux) pt2 

More evidence of Qanon / MAGA accounts from Societal dot co because last time i brought them up some admins contacted me to say they felt they were likely just a liberal instance and that they would contact them to check, haven't heard anything since and theres been no evidence of any change or moderation.

Also final pic for the sort of astroturf bot like accounts they have that are built to push their weird "buy our progressive stuff" brand but also pro trump and pulling their christian clothing GodInterest and societal together

(sorry for reupload spam, forgot to include the final pic)

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i am semi-watching on youtube a short-lived 80s cartoon i never knew about before: biskitts

it’s almost the one year anniversary of the year 2020

what if i joined multiple virtual/zoom new year’s eve parties at the same time? wondering if my brain could handle the chaos (and how annoying it would be for the others lol)

xmas, pandemic 

got myself a board game for xmas. it’s 2-4 players, though, and i live alone, and pandemic restrictions here currently disallow indoor private gatherings, so.......

(i will probably play against myself just to try it though)

ironic covid vaccine conspiracy shitpost, lewd-adjacent? 


i just misread “halo combat” as “hello combat” and now i want to play that game

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