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Ben Seymour

Our birdbox had it's first ever family this year - and today, we've been seeing the first flights of the chicks.

Live streaming via periscope (also so I can watch without disturbing them):

"First do it, then do it right, then do it better."

In the spirit of Addy Osmani I'm pushing live v0.1 of warts'n'all.

While the API basics are in place, supporting search/categories, most front-end links are inactive.

Next up is probably Auth and Submit.

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Mastodon newbie protip: don't click the "remote follow" button. Just copy the user's URL and paste it into the search bar of your home instance, then click the follow button (the little icon of a person with a "+" on it).

Not only is "remote follow" slower and more awkward; it's a potential security risk, because a malicious instance could trick you into giving them your password (if you're not paying attention to the URL bar).

Well continues to (predominantly) impress, and so I'm going to try joining some other instances (as well as probably setting up my own instance now that I know about the activities of @hugo ) - though I'm not yet sure how sustainable that will be...

I now also exist on as

It looks like the export/import of followers/blocks has worked well, so I'll start trying to thread the accounts together.

'How will it end?'

I'm undecided if I should include activities on (they're a pretty key part of my life, and the context in which most other things are undertaken)... or if I should setup a separate personal instance for those.

Any thoughts?

But for now:
the Easter Holidays as I head into London.

My ZEI time tracker from Timeular just arrived, and it looks and feels fantastic.

Playing Frustration always makes me think of Queen's sublime Hot Space album.

@oniryx welcome:)

How did you pick the instance you chose to join?

‪Indiana Seymour and the Temple of Flat Packed Furnishings ‬

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If you use one account for everything, you may not be seeing the full breadth of Mastodon. Get an account on an art instance, watch the cool art fly by the local timeline. Get an account on a French instance, bone up on your high school French. Make an instance for your coworkers, talk shop.

I don't wear swim trunks to work, I don't wear a suit to the pub, and I don't wear cargo shorts to my sister's wedding. Apply that to Mastodon and you might find it's quite natural. Decentralize yourself! 😁

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I gather that Mastodon searches are only by username and hashtag, and so by way of introducing some personal interests:
- inc. kids aged 10 & 7
- I teach coding (as a volunteer) to primary school pupils
- (no spoilers please, this season looks like it might actually be more than a single dominant manufacturer)
- riding and
- mountain biking and touring
, (author of Practical Responsive Images), )

Kicking practice

(As video, as appears unable to upload animated GIF?)