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If i see a selfie that explicitly asks for boosts i dont think i even look at the pic before boosting

in catholic school, i had to shit a poo,
i did and my butthole bruised,
shitting what i thought was a fart...

Hello please give me boosts so people can follow me on this account!! I imported my follows but it might all get a bit lost in the midst of all the people moving… for those who don’t know me follow me for relatable posts about Dale Cooper and Kyle MacLachlan in general 🤙🏻 also I’m gay

hey @Pepsi i know you get a lot of “fuck you’s” and that’s valid but i just wanted to say ur doin a great job and i hope that you have a nice day

if you put a line through your 7s there's a 110% youre gay

best way to get a followback from me: don't be a white straight cis dude

wondering whether to move my main to maybe bofa or knzk or taking opinions on this one

there are so many instances with adorable names and i wish to join All Of Them

@Pepsi a joking manor is a circus tent. thank you

is it gay to excite? You just arousing or bringing out (eg feelings) 😔

my ex wants to meet up while i'm in town and i Do Not and i don't know how to say no. i know there's probably a gentle, adult way to do this but it really isn't my forte ugghhh 🙃🙃🙃

cw meta, urgent, talk of rape 

if what you have to say is important, then cw it. because if i get slammed in the face with talk of rape instead of being able to read about it on my own terms, then guess what

i'm not going to read it, and i'm going to just be upset instead

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Anyway good morning, here’s a ‘night flying mammal’ from a Northern Italian manuscript:

#bat #medieval #illumination

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