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hbelp pls i'm gonna keep spamming. i've seen ppl who've done this but i'm too nervous to ask them directly

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how do you do that thing where you mass message your followers to tell them you're moving

how do you do that thing where you mass message your followers to tell them you're moving

PROTIP: Always play some popular music in the background when discussing the revolution. That way, the omnipresent state surveillance agencies can't share the recording without running afoul of upload filters.

changed my mind fuck bofa

(this is a joke do still follow me there)

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ok i have a potential new main set up @ @nonbeenary, go follow me there so i get fart notifs please (or don't, i'm not the boss of you)

fuck! forgot about my birthday. why didn't you guys tell me? anyway, can i still have some boosts?

can a follower on bofa invite me pls... i'm too anxious to ask anyone directly :blobsweats:

cut my life into pieces
this is my pair of jorts

just got posted through a window 6ft off the ground what's up

Queer Eye but it's 5 trans computer programmers teaching a cishet techbro to not be a douchenozzle

so can i just ask a bofaer for an invite to bofa or what........ wanna see what's goin on. i also want fart notif noises

money, work, request for help 

Our income is $50 a week (after rent).

If you've got any odd jobs that I can do for an extra $10 here and there, that would be really useful!

What I can do:
* Clerical work
* Proofreading
* Programming (for the Desktop or Command line)

(boosts welcomed)

ooooh now i'm tempted to join it seems cute.........

what kinda twisted freakin monster whatsapp voice calls you from an unknown number? obviously i will never find out, as i would rather die than answer

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