Good lord, G+ shutting down over the next year...

Small influx of surviving G+ will probably come on over...

Reconciling masculinity in current political climate 

I should probably explain that hashtag, #foak. Back in the Usenet days (I know, I’m old), we used “FOAK” in subject lines to designate a fact-based question we were looking for an answer to. The idea was that Usenet contained so many knowledgeable people that we were collectively the Font Of All Knowledge.

I’d love it if that caught on as a hashtag here; I’d really enjoy following the tag and seeing if I could answer any of the questions.

#meta #mastodon

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Looks like #Apple screwed GPG Suite over with an update again.

For the record, this is literally putting journalists and their sources in danger (while we strongly suggest moving to Thunderbird, not everyone does).

Let that sink in: Apple is putting journalists in danger on a regular basis, because they cannot be bothered to test Mail App against GPG Suite.



🎇 🎇 🎇

Reason #8736489083 to hate the +wr format of the chmod command...I'm ALWAYS thinking o is owner and not other....grrrr

Just gimme the effin 644/755 straight up.

If I scream in cyberspace does anyone hear?

stupid effin software upgrades and the zillion consequent detours...

OMG mellanox support ticket email is just unreadable... it copies and quotes everything multiple times and sends me copies back of my own replies and OMFGWTFBBQ

so hmm.... what happens in postgres if you're connected as a particular role and you drop that role as part of a pg_dump restoration?

"blocking someone means you're just afraid of what they are saying"

Just cause I put garbage in the dumpster doesn't mean I'm scared of garbage it means its rank and I don't want it in my house.

But nerd-fail: couldn't find the right size screw type to open up an apple laptop (they were all too big or too small) arrrrgh.

nerd credentials: just supplied a ps/2 keyboard to a cow-orker

banging on postgres does nothing but make my head hurt. Ouch.

I have to go into work and deal with a server that has both postgres 9.3 and 9.5 and a nonstandard -D that is refusing to come up and Switzerland is next week so I have NO FOCUS AT ALL 😭

I’m going to skip the niceties here: Fuck Confederate Memorial Day and everyone else who was a part of bringing it to pass and everyone gleefully celebrating the oppression of black people. Kiss my entire black ass

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