@tom except by now they've got a lot already so it's just like, ok, but that's the same catboy as last year you just made it taller

@EleventhOcean Hamilton but they're all different animals.

ahh my brain is converging on the disney Robin Hood cartoon again...

hello this is an incredibly wholesome video

watch with sound!

no loud or surprise noises, no flickering either


@rice !!!💙 💙 oh my stars, i think my new favorite thing is when you get to ride inside the lego sand roller coaster on the beach

@stoof 💙 💜 i listened for a good long while then got distracted by Iris

@rook he is so good! Not just musically, but that guy seems like such a quality, interesting person.

let's see how many times in a row i can listen to sisters of mercy dominion...

I have no words.

Hainbach with another beautiful abuse of test equipment. This time showing off an HP word generator with LFSR.


@MissSnarkerson <3 <3 thank you so much! it's fun, and slowly coming together. Some of these are almost songs =)

oh yeah it's almost zombie weekend, and there's this rabbit that might lay eggs? this is like something you come up with on too much cough syrup.

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dearest fediverse, i love you, but you really need some Old Gregg today.

Old Gregg - Love Games:

also pls ignore my distressed thumbnail as i went to the climbing gym earlier and it is a bit beat up.

@revenant that seems like it's overpriced by about $260-$270

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