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I delete old toots. I like the idea of ephemeral social network more than one where I accumulate forever and ever.

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I like non-sequiturs, the weird. Formerly in academia, now data science. In Seattle. I spend lotta free time outside climbing mountains. Also into photography, sewing, fashion, video games, anime, sci fi, cyberpunk. Ex-raver, ex-burner. Married, ~3 on the Kinsey scale (rising over time). Colored hair, tats, he/him, dislike gender norms, into diy and subversion. Weak against yuri/yandere, strong against ice.

Likes long walks on the beach, getting caught in the rain, etc etc

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regular message to whatever Culture ship is in system at the moment: me and a small group of friends are ready for pickup whenever you feel like swinging by.

o o o 6 more days of work and then vacation!! :blobcheerbounce:

Deaf Center - Neon City (off spotify) -- mixed with Chicago air traffic approach:

Jon Hopkins - Light Through The Veins

Oh stars this is good

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Apparently all payments using Venmo, including the real name, are public by default for everyone!

Pachelbel’s Chicken is so good: I almost cried I laughed so hard. This is amazing:

Yesterday some friends and I climbed the upper north ridge of mt stuart. It took us 21 hours, absolutely incredible climbing, awesome

You can buy a poopmoji hat

ooof groggy sleep what’s up w that

thinking of maybe getting a kobo reader... thoughts, anecdotes, anyone?

not a subtoot, I just wanted to see this little guy

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who wants to help me design a huge transportation-themed storefront fiber arts installation

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imagine if Amen Break didn't mean a drum break but it was like a Limit Break...

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Japanese, ways to refer to rain Show more

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Assembling the requisite materiál for vacation