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I delete old toots. I like the idea of ephemeral social network more than one where I accumulate forever and ever.

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regular message to whatever Culture ship is in system at the moment: me and a small group of friends are ready for pickup whenever you feel like swinging by.

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visiting my sister in law who has a NEW KITTEN ❤️❤️

I just finished another album art commission. My client loves it 💃.

If you need an artwork for your next project contact me:

These were commissions for fantastic musicians - check them out ❤️:,,
#art #illustration #music #mastoart

thanks for Being, all of you! i feel less anxious and i smile when i get to wake up to you.

if you were here i’d make you coffee or tea or maté or whatever you drink in the morning, and we could sit under the blankets on my couch and slowly wake up (it would have to be a very big couch, like some sort of inter dimensional hyper-sofa).

some of the art i have up in my office right now - super good to have this on the walls again because it makes me happy when i see it — art by Mau Lencinas, Brandon Graham, and Jamie Burton

i played through to a first ending of Heaven Will Be Mine and i am so in love with this game. i need more things in my life that take my reality apart 💕💕

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if you can, and you aren't yet, consider making a donation to your instance admin to keep the lights on. It's almost the end of the month.

it’s rough out there. but on sunday i went to the park and there was a dog costume parade. here’s some love

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I have video proof that this wasn't just a fever dream on my part

My favorite phrase I have learned from the whole masto-space is ‘absolute unit’ - I’d never heard it before getting on here and it is the best.

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