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Updated studio, now with monitors.

now if i could just get some solid hours in it (as opposed to, say, doing this $dayjob thing instead)

'Spaces' by Yosi Horikawa

This album is giving me a really good Amon Tobin vibe. Serious polish and some surprising melody mixed in.

Today's gender is the sound of an orchestra tuning.

Either you play the game to unlock costumes so you can play dolls, or you play dolls and unlock the costumes so you can play the game.

eye liner levels are 31% and steady

(31%) ■■■□□□□□□□

i think it might be summer out there... here is some summer funk

マクロスMACROSS 82-99 // Sailor Team

#ff request, need more #enby / #nb in my timelines. Are you soft and kind? Can i follow you?

today at work it is ‘innovation day’ aka hack day. Wanting my innovation be an extended nap.

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noodling. the digitone on bass, a couple of oscillators running AM on one another, and qpas doing stereo filtering weirdness, with a buncha modulation thrown on top of everything.

i ran out of hands so i played the keystep with my foot. i mean, it _is_ called a keystep...

are you a:

[ ] paste-eater
[ ] battery-licker
[ ] cake-sniffer
[ ] all of the above

what did energon cubes taste like? I assume it is like those bolt energy chews, but also with that sensation you get when you stick a battery on your tongue

omg steam, really? this is how well you categorize / recommend?

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The Act - Snobbery and Decay

(80s, original) - - probably good source stuff in here for audio and visual remixing i bet

getting a strong Deus Ex Human Revolution vibe off this ad on the side of a church. or Blade Runner... “become”? ... i think this is a cult for replicants

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