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It is also interesting how much Germany relies on post. In Russia everything is done in-person.

Everything is so slow in Germany. It takes 1 month to get connected to internet even though the cable is already there. In Moscow it took 2 days. And internet there is 6 times cheaper.

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howdy. i'm the sheriff of bad unicode support

A famous Russian state-funded cracker who broke into Russian opposition mailboxes worked from Germany. And was arrested in Bonn.

Country-specific blocks on are useless. Why haven't they blocked Kazakhstan, which is a loyal satellite of Russia? Or Belarus, which is "friendly state" and even has no border control with Russia? Or maybe nationalist parts of Eastern Europe? Or have they blocked RT ips? Do they even understand how the agency from Russia that does stuff works?

Wow, Russian-related paranoia is still there.

Folks, you can't hide from me, i have German ip now. Вам не убежать.

Some time ago i wrote a question in English to German bank DKB. Their answer:

> DKB does conduct all business in German and we therefore need to receive your enquiry in German to deal with your request as quickly as possible.

> Therefore we kindly ask you to re-send your request, enabling us to be of assistance.

Local Sparkasse were wa-a-ay more friendlier and helpful >_>

Why do Germans have their names on buzzers of multi-family houses? This is so non-private. Soulless numbers would be way better.

I have an old phone. It doesn't have full disk encryption. Its power controller broke and the phone doesn't turn on anymore. I need to dispose it. How do i do it?

1. Data from the phone must not be accessible. For example, to electrician who finds the phone at utilization point.
2. It should not be bad for environment (throwing to the ocean doesn't work).
3. Fixing the controller is out of option.

Right now i disassembled the phone and cut the boards a bit. What else could i do?

So, China has its congress tomorrow. What do i do before i go to sleep -- short or long XBTEUR?

GNU instance of Pootle died and it doesn't look like a phoenix.

What FOSS translation platforms do you use? Are there any good Pootle instances?

ok, now i have 0.039 bitcoins. How do i waste it? are the facts here wrong? From the article i'd say the referendum in shouldn't have started today.

Why do Catalan people go to vote if the voting machines are broken and anybody can print any number of ballots? Why doesn't Spain just print 100500 ballots with "No"?

Capitalism is the economic system of the future. Progress and fair distribution of resources is possible only under capitalism.

Turns out TeeWorlds is dead, and is now replaced by DDNet

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