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One thing hasn't solved yet is spam from the companies. Flixbus spams. HOP spams. Shops spam. Even though i never checked the checkboxes on their sites.

How do i make these companies pay the 8% (or was it 4%?) fine?

Are there any political parties that are against Mikrozensus or anything like that in Germany?

No really, wtf. There is no shit like that even in totalitarian russia

TIL about Mikrozensus in Germany.

Dear Germans, WTF? How is it possible that some random folks will come and ask you a bunch of questions and will fine you if you don't answer?

> I am Mrs. Graca Machel Mandela a Mozambican. The third wife of late Nelson Mandela The former President of the of South Africa. Actually.

Actually. Why would they put "Actually." in the end?

My name is Mr. David Morris , 30 years old, a citizen of Ghana. I am a computer analyst currently working with Central Bank of Nigeria. I just started working with Central Bank of Nigeria. (C.B.N.) My dear,I came across your payment file which was Marked X and your Fund Release Hard Disk Painted Red, I took my time to study your payment file and found out that you have really attempted to receive the funds without success till now.

Marked X. Disk Painted Red.

Stupid flixbus sends 2 spam emails per day because i forgot to uncheck a box on their website.

Dear GDPR please do something about them kthxbye.

Finally watched the new avengers. Meh.

@MightyPork yes, almost always they do. CC too. ISBN too, btw.

@srol especially to gain access to my private computer.

Oh noes, someone is sqling my pc!

@CobaltVelvet it doesn't get paid enough for this shit

Last week was productive @ . I have merged all GSoC branches to master and made sure they all work. Also fixed a couple of old annoying issues. The best part is that it was done during working hours.

Hackweeks at SUSE are great.

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Police raids Show more

Somebody locked their bicycle together with mine :(


Petit Palace hotel in Madrid has laptops in rooms with Ubuntu

> Your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now. For more details visit our help page

Recaptcha is eeeeevil

@cwebber @Thib for me as for person who always lived in C-like languages, this looks perfectly fine and expected.

You will not believe what they are doing while being watched! You have no right to pass by these innocent, sweet, small chicks! Check them out hot and naked at