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@catonano Google translate will be ok I think. But we can wait, maybe some English-speaking paper will write about it.

In Russia a person was tortured so that he took back his words that he had been tortured --

Recaptcha is evil. Do not use recaptcha on your sites.

@catonano you re-logged in after adding it to .bashrs or .profile, right?

@catonano got it. And what was the reason why you wanted to use pipenv?

@catonano it doesn't look python-related. You probably have a weird mix of debian repos.

Although they suggest to install pipenv to --user pipenv, i think you can safely ignore that and install it system-wide with just "pip install".

And i don't know what python3-venv is. I always thought that venv is part of python3 now. does not enforce https. HTTPS://secure.... redirects to HTTP:// without any notice.

Dear internet, what the fuck? What is in the heads of these people? How??? oh welcome to 2018.

I like how they screenshot a table to display options. And how the screenshot is terrible. And how their "enabled value" is 0 and "disabled value" is 1.

Why the fuck does Android not support flac and doesn't add it to playlists?

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Will be interesting to see what they do post #GDPR. Surely, given there is no real requirement to collect that data just to transport people, they'll need to get informed consent and fully explain what exactly they'll do with the data *before* collecting the data.
I foresee long queues as the driver has to explain this to every customer trying to buy a ticket.

DB > Flixbus.

DB can be used for anonymous travel. You give their machines cash and get a paper ticket. When the ticket is checked, holes are punctured in it.

Flixbus always wants to know your name, even when you buy from the bus driver. You cannot go to their agency and buy anonymous paper ticket.

Be like DB. Don't be like .

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What does Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund do that public clinics and German social agencies don't do?

Are there Mastodon to RSS converters?