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breton @breton

Germany, what's up with all the fritzboxes? Are they any good?

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@breton yes. I have a fritzbox here in Italy and according to my standard, it's good

@breton  Fritzboxes are very beginner-friendly and have a couple of convenient features: built-in dsl modem, DECT, usb host (print server)
@breton  if you have a modern voip tariff (no more analogue or isdn fone) the fritzbox 7430 for €99 is a good choice

@mcscx wow, why are they so expensive? 99 eur sounds like a lot to me. My old router from Russia costs ~20eur.

@breton @mcscx
For that money you get support for a few years.
Plus they hire engineers who know their stuff so you don't see articles like this about avm products:

@breton remember the FB7430 has already a built-in VDSL modem. Last time I checked stand-alone VDSL modems weren'tmuch cheaper than the 7430
@breton I'm interested if you know other routers w/ builtin vdsl modem + voip. Zyxel 5501, sold by Telekom for ~77€, could be another option

I love them. Just bought my third one (the first one died after a few years, the second one is still working but I wanted the better wifi).

Dead simple, good support (updates even after many years), and just works.

E.g. upgrade to new device: take a backup on the old, many years-old one and restore it on the brand new one. 5 minutes and everything works as before.