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breton @breton

Dear octodon, i need your help.

Telekom technician came, poked the phone socket, switched something in the basement, showed me "OK" on his device and went away.

So i have TAE phone socket, TAE-to-RJ11 cables and modem with RJ11 socket.

1. In which slot should the modem go -- N or F?
2. I have 2 more wires that are not connected to TAE socket -- white-ish and yellow-ish. Do i need to connect it to the TAE router?

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@breton Neither from octo- nor mastodon here, but I'll still reply: N and F are electrically the same.

@mcscx but the plugs are different and don't have some pins. Or it doesn't matter?

@breton DSL needs only 2 wires and they are present in either socket. Historically F is for Fernsprecher (phone) and N for Fax, etc.