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Guten Morgen, das Urteil der ersten Instanz wegen ist da — das LG Köln hat zugunsten der AfD entschieden. Das hat zur Folge, dass ich jetzt alles in allem rund 9400€ an Anwalts- und Gerichtskosten für die erste Instanz aufbringen muss. Eine gute Freundin hat einen digitalen Topf hingestellt, in den ihr Geld werfen könnt, wenn ihr mich unterstützen wollt und könnt. Ihr findet ihn unter Ich bin euch unendlich dankbar für jeden Cent und jeden Retoot.

Well, my Fritzbox cannot be translated to English. Not that it is a huge problem, but i overuse Google Translate already

Oh nice, WW2 bomb was found in my village and hbf gets closed.

Oh Germans love their Fritzboxes. Everyone always tell me how great they are :)

Actually, 7430 is pretty good.

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SUSE people are great. Talked to our maintainer of pppd, who explained the history of *DSL in Germany. Turns out, i probably need vdsl modem.

Germany, what's up with all the fritzboxes? Are they any good?

OK, so my modem supports only Annex A. Everything in Germany seems to be Annex B. I'm gonna try to buy a new router then.

So there are 2 ADSL standards mentioned -- annex A and annex B. What is the difference? Which is used in Germany?

OK, so there is a huge chance that my modem is just not compatible with german networks. Fun!

Is it possible that my modem is just not compatible with german 1TR112 stuff?

Mastodonian's (non-octodonians') help is also very welcome

Dear octodon, i need your help.

Telekom technician came, poked the phone socket, switched something in the basement, showed me "OK" on his device and went away.

So i have TAE phone socket, TAE-to-RJ11 cables and modem with RJ11 socket.

1. In which slot should the modem go -- N or F?
2. I have 2 more wires that are not connected to TAE socket -- white-ish and yellow-ish. Do i need to connect it to the TAE router?

I hate recaptcha. Google wants me to help train their bots to identify cars, street signs and store fronts. And they use 2 steps. One of the steps is where captcha already knows where the objects is, and is actually used to check that you are human. Another one is used to train their bots.

Right now i checked that there is a car in the sky. And didn't check the actual car. Because fuck you, that's why.

TIL Germany has TAE connector for phones. This connector is used only in Germany while the rest of the world enjoys standard RJ11.

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FOSSDEM 2018 N-Gate Show more

Since i am from a "suspicious country", i had to go through a security interview in Ausländerbehörde. Stupid interview was basically "tell us 150 times that you are not a terrorist". I had to check "no" next to 120 terrorist organizations.

What's wrong with you, Germany?