What's up with all the recent drama in ? Who is the asshole and who is the ok guy?

> Due to the European PSD 2, which came into effect in in January 2018 , banks will have to abolish the paper TAN within the next 18 months.

Welcome to the world of proprietary apps, proprietary standards and mobile network dependency. de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transakt mentions 1 standard used in banking, everything else seems to be invented in-house.

Dear Germans, what banks use well-standardized procedures and/or don't require a mobile phone?

Typical @breton: remembers about after the tickets and hotels get sold out

The cat decided that it is time to go home and went away.

A cat came to my flat and decided not to leave. Sometimes it goes away a couple of meters from the door, but then returns.

Why does coffee suck so much in Paris? Why the hell do they have "expresso"?

What alternatives to jails/prisons as form of punishment for serious crimes could exist?

Museums today suck so much because of people taking photos with phones. It takes them ages to focus, they block a lot of space with themselves and their phones. And in the end, nobody will see their shitty photos from weird angle with potato camera.

I am in favor of photography ban in museums

Dat sound that Ryanair makes when it arrives on time

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At 128 days without any response on my US visa application, a Department of Homeland Security IT guy emails me for private curl support... The irony is not lost on me.

One thing hasn't solved yet is spam from the companies. Flixbus spams. HOP spams. Shops spam. Even though i never checked the checkboxes on their sites.

How do i make these companies pay the 8% (or was it 4%?) fine?

Are there any political parties that are against Mikrozensus or anything like that in Germany?

No really, wtf. There is no shit like that even in totalitarian russia

TIL about Mikrozensus in Germany.

Dear Germans, WTF? How is it possible that some random folks will come and ask you a bunch of questions and will fine you if you don't answer?

> I am Mrs. Graca Machel Mandela a Mozambican. The third wife of late Nelson Mandela The former President of the of South Africa. Actually.

Actually. Why would they put "Actually." in the end?

My name is Mr. David Morris , 30 years old, a citizen of Ghana. I am a computer analyst currently working with Central Bank of Nigeria. I just started working with Central Bank of Nigeria. (C.B.N.) My dear,I came across your payment file which was Marked X and your Fund Release Hard Disk Painted Red, I took my time to study your payment file and found out that you have really attempted to receive the funds without success till now.

Marked X. Disk Painted Red.

Stupid flixbus sends 2 spam emails per day because i forgot to uncheck a box on their website.

Dear GDPR please do something about them kthxbye.

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