Charlie Stross predicts that Elon Musk plans to build an energy beam in space and aim it at earth. Ah, good times.

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2) For movie #2, this ratio had grown to 29 % and for the third instalment this had grown to 42 %. I extrapolate from this that the ratio will be 67 % for movie #4. After this, "Keanu Reeves" would have to be spelled taller than "John Wick", which would be confusing: is the movie called "Keanu Reeves"? I imagine the producers would like to avoid such confusion and will just kill the franchise instead.

Disclosure: I have never seen a John Wick movie, is it something to do with dogs?

1) Based on the movie posters, I predict that John Wick 4 will be the last in the series. I have compared the ratio of the font heights used for the texts "Keanu Reeves" versus "John Wick". For the first movie, the height of the letters for "Keanu Reaves" was 22 % of the height of the letters for "John Wick".

TIL that the Wikipedia article "Ideology of Tintin" was deleted last year.

I had started that article long before I learned that you should not link to any slightly off-kilter but definitely encyclopedic Wikipedia article, lest the deletionists get wind of it.

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I just followed a short workshop on growth hacking and feel like taking a 20 hour shower.

10 Reasons I can Barely Wait for the Day Google Downranks All Webpages of which the Title Starts with a Digit

In the 1980s the Netherlands still had an active national conscription for young men (i.e. you could be forced into the army for some time), and in this post I describe how I approached my options.

TFW you are part of a community where "moths add realism to anything" is a genuine meme.

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"How was your call quality?" the apps asks.

"None of your business", I grumble, "who made you the lord of all latency?"

Rewatching old Star Trek episodes, noticing things I never noticed before.

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It says a lot. "The things we want to do to you are so bad that our country flatly forbids everyone from doing them to children. That's why we had to exclude children from our audio editor"

I guess I will be looking into Audacity forks.

For what is probably best described as a piece of outsider art, Lord of the Rings seems to have done quite well.

There is something you should know about the 4th generation of robots!

(45:10 into the video)

I made a marble race.
As it took me way longer than I had anticipated (making b-roll when using Blender simply means twice the modelling and render time, for example), I could not be bothered to fix all the obvious problems. Erm, yay for jank?

The most important thing is there, i.e. ill-payed marbles risking life and limb (?) for your entertainment. (Repost from Facebook)

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