For what is probably best described as a piece of outsider art, Lord of the Rings seems to have done quite well.

There is something you should know about the 4th generation of robots!

(45:10 into the video)

I made a marble race.
As it took me way longer than I had anticipated (making b-roll when using Blender simply means twice the modelling and render time, for example), I could not be bothered to fix all the obvious problems. Erm, yay for jank?

The most important thing is there, i.e. ill-payed marbles risking life and limb (?) for your entertainment. (Repost from Facebook)

Why, when I encounter a software problem, and I think it may be PEBCAK, but my ego says 'bug', and so suggests a quick Google search for others with the same symptoms, and I start treating it as a bug and start breaking up the problem into smaller parts until I realise both that it is not a bug and that I can make the problem go away, do I feel disappointed?

Wasn't the goal to make the problem go away?

Also, this is how Caesar wrote sentences.

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Sometime last year I read that we Dutch simply don't know how COVID spreads: contact tracing is too difficult.

Well apparently girls give you cooties, end of.

The stupidity, it burns.

Waiting for a game developer to release Container Ship Simulator - do the same boring thing for 20 hours straight, then get caught out by a sand storm!

Like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, where people are making models of a mountain in the USA, but now people are modelling a ship stranded in a canal in Egypt.

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(The #OpenStreetMap rule of thumb is to not map things that will only be there for less than a month)

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I just discovered that if you model a caricature of a bird, you just get another bird.

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Luxurious life boats for scared X-ionaires are nothing new.

In 1954 the court of Maastricht sentenced "president" Robert L. to 2.5 years in prison for selling space on his yacht to a notary public, a teacher and a manufacturer whom he had frightened with stories about an "impending communist invasion".

The clipping is from a communist newspaper, by the way.

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This is interesting. As fast as light is, it's rather slow when you take into account the vastness of space.

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I like this because on the one hand it sits in the middle of retro computing, but the people doing this seem to be outsiders to the retro computing scene, so the language they use is not the language of retro computing.

In fact the artist says at one point that he considers it a failure "if the project does not work for someone who has no idea what these machines are."

(Documentary about an artist who puts on audio-visual shows with the help of 5 CBM 8032 computers.)

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Who needs an army when you've got Qanon.

It is true that Trump never wages wars. Instead he goes: "Would it not be nice if this bad priest got took out?"

(He would not say 'meddlesome', becomes multi-syllable words are beyond his abilities.)

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closing old tabs like how did I get here?? when was I here?? I'm a short-term amnesiac lost in a petting zoo of knowledge

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