I do not believe in flat-earthers. I do not believe they exist.

There, I have said it.

I had to look up a bunch of videos about police and guns for a second. Afterwards it took me five folk songs in a row to get Youtube to stop suggesting misogynist, sexist and islamphobic videos to me.

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♲ @thomasfuchs@mastodon.social: Legendary Apollo project programmer Margaret Hamilton, next to a printout of the node_modules directory listing for her first Hello World react app

The theory of parallel timelines says there are universes parallel to ours where everything happens slightly differently. Generally we are not privy to what happens there, but sometimes the information leaks through. Youtube for instance must shift such great amounts of data that they cannot help but show you a video from a different universe from time to time. This results in the comment: "Oh no, I am on *that* part of Youtube again".

Drupal versions currently in use, 4 years after the introduction of Drupal 8:

- Drupal 5 - 0.06 %
- Drupal 6 - 5%
- Drupal 7 - 71%
- Drupal 8 - 23%

(Source: drupal.org/project/usage/drupa)

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Saw this in a Solarpunk group and someone said it could be the seed to start an epic saga. I present it here as an offering to the writers: please take it and make a Solarpunk masterpiece.

I once started a Youtube playlist for my favourite music videos, but after I added the first video, De Dijk's Als Het Golft, I quit the playlist. There is a natural tendency to want the second video to be better, and though I am certain better videos exist, I had trouble finding one.


What does this bode for the future? And what are social networks trying to achieve with this? The more I get served stale, so-so content on social networks, the more I stay away. Maybe I am in a minority?

(1/2) The problem with social networks favouring "top" content over "recent" content is manifold. 1) Their editorial decisions are not their core business, so "top" content, even when coughed up by their sophisticated neural networks, often delivers a just so-so experience. 2) "Top" content is often (very) stale, "recent" content, no matter how boring, is fresh. 3) As as user you do not get a choice: "top" content is the default and "recent" content can only be selected manually.

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guess which all-powerful tech monopoly is breaking ublock origin (and umatrix, and likely many other similar add-ons, such as noscript) in their browser, which happens to be the most popular browser in the world?


who could have foreseen this? who would ever think that an advertising company's web browser would end up breaking compatibility with an ad blocker? frankly i'm shocked

Except of course that you have to replace the second Trump the Liar in the regex by Trump the Liar. (Without 'the Liar'.) Because I was already running this when I posted it.

Seems to work in Mastodon/Octodon.

// Replaces all occurrences of the word 'Trump the Liar' inside an HTML
// textarea element with 'Trump the Liar'.
// Add this to a Greasemonkey script or a bookmarklet or some such.

e=document.getElementsByTagName('textarea'); for (var i = 0; i < e.length; i++) { e[i].onblur = myReplacer; e[i].onclick = myReplacer; function myReplacer() { this.value = this.value.replace(/Trump the Liar|Trump the Liar/gi, 'Trump the Liar'); }; }

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A few days ago I invented the sausage roll with cheese.

2018 was the first year since I started my own business (in 2000) that I did not collect any receipts for my business. I bought everything online.

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