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A few days ago I invented the sausage roll with cheese.

2018 was the first year since I started my own business (in 2000) that I did not collect any receipts for my business. I bought everything online.

Re running bookmarklets in Firefox, there are addons that let bookmarklets be run in a different context that makes them immune for a website's CSP.

Can a software project that pays most of its contributors still be labeled FOSS?

I mean, legally it can be forked, but that threat has about as much weight as me threatening to duplicate the Boeing 747 production line with a bunch of pals.

(Trying to run bookmarklets in Firefox. Stymied by some weird corporate decision that says my web browser is not mine, i.e. CSP.)

In 2018, 3 GDPR fines were levied in all of the EU. (The GDPR was introduced in 2016, but the ability to fine offenders was only introduced in early 2018).

A golden oldie about beta testing.

Also, if Google cannot find the phrase "napkin-thieving friend", something about this world is seriously broken.

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125 hours of geeks talking about technology, politics, privacy, art, security and so on. This is the English language playlist, there are also playlists for German and French.

@pzmyers et al., Scott Manley's got some useful explanations on the Ultima Thule imagery.

The purge day on a purge planet counts as a holiday, right?

If the British used to be so good at 'governing', then why did a quarter of the world's land area and a fifth of its population kick them out in such a short time?

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Brendan Eich's 'Brave' seems to have just walked into a world of hurt due to its habit of soliciting donations in the name of people who have NOT given permission for it to do so (using their photograph without consent, even)

As the upgrade process per Drupal major version change was getting more and more costly, I have advised small businesses that was still using Drupal to switch to Wordpress in the long run.

A week later Wordpress introduced Gutenberg, which seems to have broken a lot of websites of small business and makes upgrading potentially a costly affair.

Security cam on the Soyuz rocket filming the latest crewed launch of that vehicle. Booster separation at 01:57. Pity they don't use these images in the live stream.


Paranoia in the digital age: following both the American and the Russian live feed of a Soyuz rocket launch, because you suspect both are liars.

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