If you are using The GIMP on Windows and you are installing a font, instead of clicking on the Install button in the preview, right-click on the font file and select "Install for all users".

This will help prevent you pulling your hair out in frustration over not being able to see the freshly installed font in The GIMP.

If you do not want to install for all users, be sure to add your personal font directory (Google is your friend) to your GIMP settings.

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This will blow your mind: Harry Potter ... written from Voldemort's perspective.

This will blow your mind even more: the above is not an alternate reality, but reality.

Somebody, not an NPC, just said "Hello" to me in a game. The scary bit is, I am pretty sure it is a single player game.

In the same breath J.K. Rowling doubles down on her TERFism and whines about being called a TERF.

Congratulations to the citizens of Bristol for turning a completely useless statue of slave trader Edward Colston into an artificial reef.

On behalf of the marine life in the harbour of Bristol, thank you.

Percy Hobart was a general in the English army who was demoted to corporal in the Home Guard during WW II. He was later reinstated by Churchill himself and commanded a division of bridge layers, flame throwers and other specialist tanks.

While in the Home Guard, his only weapon was bizarrely enough a bayonet, which he fashioned into a spear.

This man epitomised the idea of the right tool for the job.


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this middle-school student handbook's example of inappropriate dress accidentally created the two coolest students ever

The capitalist grind 

A short collection of links to largely entertaining, but also enraging lefty videos on Elon Musk:


Tried to find some information about Covid on Youtube, thinking that should not be too hard, considering it is top of mind with everybody.

Instead got recommended some videos about an old called Trump the Liar.

So this is how mankind dies, with thunderous rage clicks.

My favourite bit of eurojank, Mount & Blade, came out in version II (Bannerlord) last week and is currently stinking up the top 5 of most played Steam games among the AAA titles.

Meanwhile the old version, Warband, is 54th. Not only is that impressive for a 12-year old game (or so I imagine), it is also about 10 spots up from when I last checked, about two weeks ago.

If you do not know what groovosity is, what the three important steps of Yay - Grunt - Phew are, or where the Smeg - Pub extension fits into all of this, you are obviously not a programmer.

The bathtub curve explained by 8-, 16-, 32- and 64-bit games legend Jeff Minter:


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Dried beans are cheap and have a long shelf life. Big bags of rice as well.

Apparently Asian supermarkets are still relatively well stocked because of racism.

Telling me not to touch my face is like telling Frodo not to wear the ring.

Around 2000 hrs I could hear a lot of cheering and clapping outside. It irritated me a bit, because I suspected it was a particularly boisterous 'lockdown party'.

Turns out it was a nation wide action to applaud care givers.

Cally: My people have a saying, "A man who trusts can never be betrayed, only mistaken."

Avon: The life expectancy must be fairly short among your people.

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