The superlative of nether regions is nether lands.

The existence of centrists or rationalists or whatever they like to call themselves is what turns the Overton Window from a phenomenon into a political tool.

Who would watch a cross between Life of Brian and Game of Thrones? It is the story of Brian the Broken.

Every time Mozilla messes things up, which is often, they send their messenger Mhoye to Metafilter to explain to us peasants why we are wrong to be upset.

I don't know when it happened, but I have noticed that in my mind I have started calling him or her Mouth of Sauron.

Earlier this year, the Dutch government introduced the Brexit Muppet, an Elmo-like character meant to illustrate the effect Brexit will have on Dutch businesses.

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"The reason why so many grown ass men hate Greta Thunberg is because she represents everything they hate listening to; women, children, people with disabilities, science, and just people who are smarter than them in general"

(the author of this was harassed off twitter so let this stand here)

I am looking for a way to remotely provide electroshocks to people who add newsletter pop-ups to websites.

I am going to write a script for a movie about a mysterious research facility that uses money from a ring of child rapists to fund the development of completely nonsensical inventions.

Nah, nobody would believe it.


That is ads - results - ads in a Google search result.

Pity Google doesn't work for me in Firefox (it keeps asking me to agree to its privacy terms), or I could have written a Greasemonkey script to filter out all the ads.

Is there an antonym for 'shit sandwich'?

For my small business, I now own a gaming keyboard, a gaming mouse, a gaming mousepad and a pc case, that though not necessarily made for games, was definitely designed with at least gamers in mind.

Not being a professional gamer or games developer, I realise this looks highly suspect. Yet every time I need to replace an accessory, I find myself drifting towards gaming gear. It is hard to find quality hardware aimed at businesses.

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Here's the thing about the channer/gabber technique of spreading disinformation, sealioning, and plausibly deniable fascist/bigot apologia: they're relying on people to play along and let it slide. Don't let it slide.

That shit gets zero strikes with me because if they're doing it now, they've done it somewhere else before. It's a rhetorical method, it's not genuine, and they know exactly what they're doing.

Insta suspend. Get rid of them.

"... to speak as the slave would, to say that we are as happy for the Civil War as most Americans are for the Revolutionary War, is to rupture the narrative."

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MS Windows desktop icons only allow 15 overlays. You are allowed to define more, but only the first 15 from an alphabetically sorted list will be used.

Manufacturers have gotten wise to this and have started to prefix their icon names with spaces, to get to the top of the sort order.

One of these manufacturers is Microsoft itself, the ones responsible for this bizarre limit.

As a Stackoverflow commenter said, we are now in a spaces race.


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You're welcome to share this, or even post it to sites like Hacker News, but please don't attribute it to me. I will deny having written it. Please attribute it to "Simon Jester" instead.

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