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An election day in Ghent, Belgium. We had elections for the European Parliament, for the Belgian Federal Parliament and for the Regional Parliaments (in Flanders, Walonia and Brussels). In Ghent posters of political parties were covered with posters of Extinction Rebellion and Yellow Jackets.

Father Ted: Dougal, you know you can praise God with sleep.

Father Dougal [excited]: Can you, Ted?

Father Ted: Yes, it is a way of thanking him for a tiring day.

Father Dougal: God, there is lots of ways you can praise God, isn't there Ted? Like that time you told me to praise him by, you know, just leaving the room.

Father Ted [to himself]: That was a good one, yes.

What the software industry needs now is the discovery of a race of space aliens. Think of the incompatibilities! We will bill! We will bill so much!

I am a little jealous of those hailing from countries who do not enter the Eurovision Song Contest, because every year for a fleeting moment they are straddled on that utterly delicious chasm between disgust and FOMO.

Can your country enter? They can if they are a member of the EBU.

Send me a printed catalogue of your goods once a year when I only buy from you once every five years - and I may simply ignore you.

But send me that catalogue once every month - and I may just switch to a less spammy brand.

And you *know* how loth people are to switch brands!

Why do American juries have investigative powers? Does this not clash with their function of shielding people from baseless persecution/prosecution?

Young violinists don't have that cool stance yet that mature concert violinists have.

The violin is to classical music what the drums are to rock music, just a lot of noise, so the way to stand out is not the music but the presentation.

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Every time I see the Hacker Ethic praised without critically challenging its shortcomings, I have to think of "Programming is Forgetting: Toward a New Hacker Ethic" by Allison Parrish and wish it was more popular. You can read the transcript here

Why are all the advertisements I get shown these days for garbage products?

Or has that always been the case, but I have changed my definition of garbage product?

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Instead of boosting posts in this thread from @ajroach42 , I'm just going to link it so I can say that this is a great explanation of how anti-poverty bias in American education works in practice: nobody strictly speaking hates the poor, but people don't believe they're telling the truth or capable of doing the work either. and onward.

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A Firefox bug has disabled many extensions (including uBlock Origin) for every user (including me):

If you like looking at good photography and listening to good photographers, here are 9 interviews with some of the best 'classic' photographers of the USA and Mexico.

CW: disturbing images.

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why don't hackers ever do anything cool. stop taking people's SSNs and like, idk, erase my debt and give me tickets to the aquarium. step it the fuck up

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Just got several dozen content id strikes on years-old videos that use music that was very carefully selected because it was in the public domain or available under a creative commons license

daredo GmbH, Audiam and ONErpm just decided that they own all that music now, complete with fake band and album names, and the assurance that these are the "original mixes"

Fucking thugs

Those few instrumental bars at the end sound like a time-machine to the seventies to me. That bit should have been longer. Kids these days, eh?

Does anyone know of Patreon alternatives that support SEPA-payments instead of (or in addition to) credit card and Paypal?

(SEPA is a European way of doing cross-border bank transfers.)

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