Hello all you PC gamers out there. Head to Humble Bundle (the link below) to grab a free copy of Warhammer 4000: Space Marine until September 1st!

I know I asked this a while ago, but does anyone know of websites I can free royalty-free music or sound effects? The sites i am finding are not very helpful.

Finally started binge watching Rick and Morty. After that I am hoping to finish Log Horizon. Don't know what to watch after that.

I seriously enjoyed Brad Aho's mayoral campaign sign. It said Elect Brad Aho. The only thing Brad was in a really small font so all I saw was Elect Ago. Gave my inner child the giggles.

9% Rate of return on my 401k? Not sure if this is an awesome amount or if I could do better, but I am happy with it.

Super happy! I got a German for Dummies book. Not sure when I will be able to study because I have 2 jobs to support the family, but still happy either way.

I have missed this place. I need to toot more.

What type of trainer should my character be? You may have to press and hold the check box next to the option you pick. patreon.com/posts/20209242

Who wants to help me choose some characteristics foe my Pokemon RPG character? More questions to come.

Finally got to see my first Star Wars movie last night. Heard a lot of mixed reviews since I work at a movie theater but I didn't think it was bad at all. Got a little headache during the TIE fighter chase scene, but that was because of the flashes on screen and not eating very well beforehand.

Check me out at www.twitch.tv/bradlibum for the first section of Tales from the Borderland.

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PS - I have an android so some IOS games will not be available to me

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Welp, with picking up a second job as a floor manager at a movie I have some free time at the end if my shift before I let the movie out. What am I gonna do with that free time???

Why not do some mobile gane streaming. I am starting to do some streaming between 10:30pm and midnight. (UTC - 5). I will be streaming tonight as well.

Hopefully I can gain a little traction with the software I am using and the games I found. I am open to mobile game requests as well!

Silly phone and thinking it knows that you is a great replacement for your

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I love it when you comment on something and the person you replied to accuses you of something, so you ask how they might handle it in future scenarios, but instead dodge you question and continue to accuse you.

Wish I could get traction to have a gaming event at the IMAX theater at the Minnesota Zoo. They have the largest screen in Minnesota and one of the workers is trying to set it up so gaming consoles can be played on their projectors.

Before and after of grilling corn. Tied half the ends and the other untied, but definitely preferred the tied ends.

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