I think this is supposed to be transphobic but it's really just radical

"Trans People Have Killed God"

Wow, what a great own. Really stuck it to us there.

@boobs_idiot It's a great check list to make sure before you leave the house.

@boobs_idiot Hooray! I always wanted to be a JRPG party member.

Seriously, "Revel in the Annihilation of Man as the image of God" is the most metal thing heard in a while.

@boobs_idiot i'm partial to "Disfigure the face of Man and Woman" myself

@boobs_idiot fun fact: Nietzsche first stated that God is dead in Die fröhliche Wissenschaft, commonly translated as The Gay Science.

Im sorry but this shirt is trying to be transphobic but it just sounds kind of awesome lol

can someone steal this design, add "Seems Legit" and pop it up somewhere so I can buy it on a tank top.

@boobs_idiot this almost sounds like how i would end an essay, as like a call to action almost

@boobs_idiot like ill say "Remember, we're trying to destroy the World" or things of that nature, so this fits right in

@boobs_idiot oh apparently the origin is from a speech by the pope where he compared trans people to nuclear weapons in terms of their power to destroy the order of creation or w/e. all the stuff is basically a quote from the speech

@hierarchon @boobs_idiot
I regret to inform you that Pope Francis has now been cancelled.

Replace the hazmat thing with an Anarchist A and I'm down

@boobs_idiot y'know I don't think I've ever wanted to wear a shirt that's meant to diss me more

@boobs_idiot Or a souvenir T-shirt from a tattoo and piercing shop called "The Age of Sin".

@boobs_idiot I found the source for this, radical reclamation was definitely the designer's intention

I kinda prefer this take on it

@matt @boobs_idiot yeah i'm thinking of getting either this or the black-on-yellow radioactive version

OK where do I et that black and red one? I get paid Thursday.

@matt @boobs_idiot Thank you for finding that, I really want this but wasnt sure if thatd be solid to do

@hasya23 @boobs_idiot Yeah this shirt would have been great at the Slayer concert.

@boobs_idiot hm... transgenders are [Imagine Dragons voice] RADIOACTIVE, RADIOACTIVE

transphobia Show more

transphobia Show more

@boobs_idiot These are lyrics, right? To, like, the most metal song of all time?

@boobs_idiot I don't think it is transphobic, it is more anti-theological, against the idea that a gender binary is the creation of god.

@boobs_idiot It can be the age of sin only if one believes in their so-called mores, can't it?

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