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selfie, no ec, meme shirt, you're gonna wanna boost this one, folks 

I Am Become Titty Monster

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marie tip: any toot that's public or unlocked is ok to boost 😊 ❤️

behind the joke #BehindTheJoke 

this is the first time i've thought about or typed the words "weird twitter" since 2018

it just made more sense for the post since i don't think people on mastodon would care

also this joke fuckin sucks

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*being shoved into a locker by weird twitter jocks*

"n-no i swear!! the 😂 emojis in that post were ironic!!!"

i'm not interested in cis guys but, for monetary reasons, i wish cis guys were into me lol

i wish i was hot enough to become a professional e-girl

rn i'm only an amateur e-girl 😔

bot post 

hrt/testosterone is just a body without purpose

i accidentally played a merzbow album at 2x speed and didn't notice for the whole video oops

Portal Adventures vs. Bishojo Gaiden Ltd., Mission Company

tf kink is when you get horny over random critical hits

possibly unpopular videogame take 

idk i haven't watched sponge bob in years maybe this game does look like modern spongebob

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possibly unpopular videogame take 

i'm not a fan of the original game, it looks pretty neat but i never played, only watched a lets play

that games artstyle is kinda cool tho cause it just looks like an old spongebob episode but in 3D

this just looks like... nothing

who sees a spongebob game and is like "you know what this needs? dynamic lighting"

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possibly unpopular videogame take 

the battle for bikini bottom remake looks really bad...

the new artstyle and lighting don't work at all, it looks so gross and cheap and garish. it reminds me of those "super mario in unity" videos.

Mario Party 8 stores graphics for text pop-ups as individual letters. The letters are displayed roughly in correct order in the files, but due to duplicate letters not being needed, the texture sheets appear to be misspelled versions of the actual messages. Examples below.

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