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hey, nine-eyes. nice halo, did your mom pick it out for you?

the fact that animals can sneeze is so fucking good. props to evolution on that one

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*slaps roof of your own home* this bad boy can fit so many potatoes in it

It's so funny to me that the internet has decided that "liminal space" just means "weird looking room"

hi everyone. for a while now i've been living in a home that is rapidly descending into unfitness for living. i'm trying to get out to place where i can be and feel safe. if you could share this, or even donate if you can, i would appreciate it immensely.

it's funny how much the far right idolises the crusades considering how utterly disastrous every single crusade was

I cannot just stand by. This might require an answer.

β€” Olin Ustuthliruk, Macedwarf

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