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marie tip: any toot that's public or unlocked is ok to boost 😊 ❤️

there are so many cool trans artists out there and i want to be friends with all of them

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getting your back scratched by someone you love is heavenly

tech complaining 

was gonna go to sleep but i ended up staying up til 4am making art

not 100% happy with the finished piece but i'm happy that i made something

something: *is explicitly straight*

me: ahh, it's gay

i was gonna play more video game but i might be too sleempy

"Blue Fields" by Simon Butterworth, 2015

Aerial photography of salt farms in Shark Bay, Australia.

"Part Of A Furnace Abandoned Among The Debris Of A Disused Steel Mill" by Ezio d’Agostino, 2016


What if we put Donkey Kong's head on top of Donkey Kong's body! 

no context, lewd 

no context 

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