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ok this isn't gonna be my avi cause I don't *love* it but here is my form (selfie, eye contact)

gyuuuuuu i absolutely cannot be arsed with this class, hopefully it'll be a lot of practical work this time cause last time we just watched music videos for four hours

very good chopped and screwed album tape my friend made. It's pretty much just ambient at this point lmao but it's great (cw: for sexual lyrics)

did i do grammar bad on this one? i think i did but i don't quite know how

Two girls
Sitting in a hot tub
Every part of their bodies is touching because they're very gay.

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@boobs_idiot loyalty
tumblr ?
british gas !?

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Two fair men lie in water warm and slow,

As brothers are they joinēd heart to heart;

But Cupid hath not struck them with his bow;

Lest that be thought, they sit five feet apart.

maybe there's *something* to colour theory, but we can all agree that this brand stuff is all bullshit, right? they didn't make the fanta orange because it inspires freedom, they did it because it's a fucking orange soda

(note: "maximalist colour schemes" translates to "COLOUR THEORY IS A FUCK")

another cool album cover i found

basically, if you ever see anything that's hard to look at because all the clutter and maximalist design/colour scheme, send it my way please

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In Super Mario Odyssey, whenever Mario opens the closet found inside the Odyssey, there is one frame where the model of Mario used to preview costumes is displayed outside the change menu, resulting in two Marios in the scene. During this frame, the mirror reflects only darkness.

freshly dried, warm clothes are so so good
it's such a hassle in halls but it's very worth it just for the feeling of putting them on afterwards

you can tell that loki~ has her priorities straight (or not), because she immediately boosts gay shit and only after that says good morning

oh i should mention that it's shaved horizontally, not vertically. So she could turn her head and each side would look different. It's so cool.

women working in mcdonalds with the coolest haircut ever (one half completely shaved, the other half tied into a ponytail that reaches her waist) gave me a thumbs up and i died

ok, big confession time:

when people have been talking about STEM all this time, i've been thinking they were talking about CERN and how we need more women working on the Hadron Collider 😖 😖😖

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Three times the dog for three times the headpats.

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