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ok i made an art account. there's basically nothing on there at the moment but that's where i'll be posting any art in the future


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hehe this month im gonna be rammy

lammy is a dork pass it on

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selfie, eye contact, extremely hot enby, boosts needed 

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marie tip: any toot that's public or unlocked is ok to boost 😊 ❤️

I had a dream that jerma985 came to my house and *really* wanted to go in the loft. I told him it was a bad idea but he didn't listen, climbed up there and accidentally fell through the ceiling. I then told him to leave and he did.

good morning friends 🐑

im a cold lamb, wrapped in blankets but still shivering, please come snuggle

damb 11.25 to see a movie? maybe jokerman is right, this whole shit is twisted upside down..

if you are also everything all at once, please hit my line

used to use it as a silly meme opener but i'm realising that now it's just how i greet people

the internet is too good at doing this lol

started 'hewwo'-ing unironically, i think

that's cool


Ironically, being gay and doing rad guitar riffs

pet stuff, d/s 

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