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⛔️ WARNING: This Bitch Bites ⛔️

(new collar, selfie, no ec, boosts required)

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marie tip: any toot that's public or unlocked is ok to boost 😊 ❤️

marie meta 

hey i'm gonna be in london on the 3rd of february, does anyone wanna hang out for an hour or two?

mental health question 

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genitals ment 

free display name for any 🦊 furries out there 

my dog 

Looks like the awesome Vietnamese family shop we went to knew waaaay better than the other shop. Our fucking alternator wire was just hanging down unplugged, and several wires/spark plugs/various fluids need to be replaced. The guy said he can do it for $250 parts and labor, whenever we’re ready but within the next couple days for safety.

Need to raise $80 more and we can afford it! ✨

If anyone can help us out: or $glamorshark 🙏🏻

if i was a leftist community on youtube i would just call it redtube

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