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selfies, eye contact, boosts okay 

got all dressed up for a 1 year anniversary date with @addamschloe uwu

love that bot πŸ–€

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8ow down 8efore your new god, 8itches~

(selfie, eye contact, im literally vriska homestuck now im not kidding, :boost_ok:)

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selfie, no ec, meme shirt, you're gonna wanna boost this one, folks 

I Am Become Titty Monster

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Magic power obtained secretly
from magician's friends.

people 🀝 a hand
being able to wave "hello"

"first kisses" are always Objectively Bad, it's impossible to be good at kissing the first time you do it, you're always gonna fuck up the position or not know what to do with your tongue


they're also the best thing ever? i think about my first kiss and the concept of first kisses so much they're so good...

this account is my mortal enemy

always shows up when you search "lamb" before any of my accounts

fuckin up my SEO smdh

gay nonsense 

wanna have a sleepover and watch movies and eat popcorn and talk about crushes and then awkwardly kiss and go to sleep holding hands

I'm not paying that much to go on Monorail 1!

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