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8ow down 8efore your new god, 8itches~

(selfie, eye contact, im literally vriska homestuck now im not kidding, :boost_ok:)

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um jammer lammy is DEAD

long live POPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ”ͺ

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selfie, no ec, meme shirt, you're gonna wanna boost this one, folks 

I Am Become Titty Monster

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uk media fascism 

the BBC's new guidelines ban staff from "virtue signalling" but also contain a specific exemption for wearing poppies during Remembrance season lmao

I am the king of the entire world, and I rule by the sword. If you dare question my rule, you will be shot through the palace walls.

the www in urls stands for woof woof woof
(or wau wau wau if you're on the german puppynet)

five years after mastodon ends i get a notification on discord 2. it's a pm from ponyboy_30000:

omg triz is that you? it's me, crublord69 from knzk! you totally called it, i'm trans and a brony now. anyway how's things?

i reply "haha hell yeah" and accept the friend request. i have no idea who they are. i close the chat window and yell out the screen door to my two terrible children, robitha and jeeeves, to come inside for dinner before the lava rains start. president reportoftheweek is on tv

family circus is the best comic and its only because of this story arc

i created a bunch of 5e characters but now that the DM has announced what the new campaign setting is going to be i have realised that none of my characters really fit that setting lol

i really do feel like a hot pink bitch named breakfast right now πŸ˜“

"Use the boost to get through!"
- Peppy Hare's advice on how to get big on mastodon

callout post camellia teethteethteeth for not knowing who throbbing gristle were. get out of my page you poseur

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