the new testament is easier to understand once you realize that structurally it's just fanfic (the gospels) and comment threads (the epistles)

and revelations which i guess is shitposts? the analogy breaks down 🤷🏻‍♀️

Hello, Octodonners. It looks like Alice's patreon in support of our chosen instance has plateaued. Please do what you can to help our friendly neighborhood cyberpunk queen, @CobaltVelvet

Donating is grand; boosting this, even, will be helpful, to get the message around.

And.... here we go! The main Mastodon Network Monitoring dashboard now features a #realtime #worldmap of #mastodon users!


Et voila ! le dashboard principal de Mastodon Network Monitoring inclut maintenant une carte du monde en temps réel des utilisateurs de Mastodon !

Live version ->


We could all remain in blissful ignorance if the US military just continued to use a barrage of smaller bombs.

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How outraged someone is at a military action is directly proportional to the physical size of the largest individual munition used.

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if it's reliably accurate, display it. if it's inaccurate, don't display it.

my main annoyance is that we're discussing a feature that doesn't even work half the time. it's all rather silly.

TECH PEOPLE: Vendors for the flurry of Internet-connected devices are not securing their firmware properly, and not issuing timely updates if at all. This is creating a malware vector and creating new botnet nodes.

TECH PUNDITS: Look at this new camera that you can put in the shower so your partner can watch you bathe even when one of you are away.

Regular expressions are like magic spells. I always have to look them up in a spellbook, and the people that know how to use them by heart are wizards.

even on fb where you can lock individual posts down to the fullest extent people can still screenshot and spread that shit everywhere. to your mom. your boss. the guy you were talking shit about. your tinder match. you should regard every single part of the internet as private as a sold out stadium where you're standing on the stage alone behind a podium

Hey there English-speaking Mastodon users, do you want to learn French?
Let’s start with the basics.
Repeat after me:
“La propriété c’est le vol”
“Tout le monde déteste la police”

Me: open-source is the best
Also me: I will die before I let anyone look at this shitty code

maybe the real conspiracy was the friends we made along the way

What I sorely miss is lists, to make it easy to sort toots to separate streams. If it doesn't exist yet let's see if I can add it. Makes it easy to only follow politics/specific subtopics when I have the time/energy to do so.

I teach tech and I'm often asked why I don't teach some allegedly time-saving proprietary tool/environment/whatever. the answer is that the risk of that proprietary tool just ceasing to exist are really high, and when that happens, the time I spend developing curricula against the tool goes up in smoke. by contrast, notes I wrote for, e.g., python text processing are just as good today as they were ten years ago. over the long run, I think I save a lot of time by teaching only open source tools.

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