amazingly, in second place, appears to be raiders caps. they seem to alternate between oakland and los angeles. no vegas so far

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tempted to buy a mets cap to counter the number of yankees caps i see folks in europe wear everyday

OK so "Scanimate" was this super-advanced video synthesis engine from the 80s, surprisingly similar to a modular audio synthesizer, that could do super advanced manipulation on pure analog video data. Most "cool 80s logos" were made with this.

Anyway it turns out Hanna Barbera did some tests with Flash-style sprite-manipulation animation using the system, and it's


Bone-chillingly horrifying. Uncanny Valley max.

Why does overly smooth animation look so WRONG?

A very belated thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes this past week. I am humbled and grateful to have met so many wonderful people in my life. I spent the last week in CPH sightseeing, eating extremely well, and catching up on sleep. All in all, a great start to 34.

absolutely impossible for me to resist making a spin doctors joke when looking at the tapestries in the christiansborg palace in copenhagen

The best thing to say if anyone asks how you're feeling today is "still alive, in defiance of God" because it's triumphant but also works if you feel like shit

Overhauled my personal web site. I organized things a bit and updated my contact information. I also added a "now" page to keep folks abreast of what I've been up to in a less granular fashion than social media posts typically afford.

Infinite Macintosh - an in-browser vintage Macintosh emulator with transferable local files support.

MacOS 8:
System 7:

honestly amazed that the instance my main account was on is still alive. i had at least two alts that no longer exist due to negligent sysadmins (one of them being myself)

thank goodness my octodon account is still around. otherwise, there would have been a nonzero chance that i would have played incompetent sysadmin again by setting up my own pleroma instance. thank you, @CobaltVelvet and the path of least resistance

If you're moving to Mastodon from Twitter, you might want to put "filter:follows mastodon" in the Twitter search bar to find who among your follows are Tweeting about moving over. Seems like a good way to find their new accounts.

Back on this here Fediverse after a long absence.

I'm Enrique. I like to experiment with code, attempt musical instruments, ride bike when the weather is right, and play fighting games.

My current big project on my hands has been Flycast Dojo, a fork of the Flycast emulator with netplay and training mode enhancements. It's currently a part of Fightcade.

Miami-born and living in Helsinki. Globe-trotting and shot calling when I play eightball because thems the rules.

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