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Selskap med milliardresultat spurte om jeg ville holde foredrag om desentralisering av nettet. Betaling? Nei, det har vi ikke budsjett for, men kanskje du kan selge bøker?

Nå når skrivepermisjonen er på vei mot slutten må jeg nesten finne noe å gjøre. Noen som trenger en utvikler med lang .Net-erfaring fra juni av?

"Okey, macOS, nå skal du endelig få kjøre den oppdateringen du har mast om siden i fjor."

Der var siste kapittel i ny bok sendt inn. Tittel og dato ikke klart, men noen av temaene er: Sykler, byplanlegging, forbrukerkultur, globale arbeidsforhold, reparasjon, møtet mellom konservative og grønne ideer. Mens du venter, les Å sette verden i brann. Mye til felles.

For the last two years I've carried a honeypot laptop with me every time I traveled. I checked it in my luggage, left it unattended in my hotel rooms. After each trip, I did forensic analysis on the laptop to detect if it had been tampered with.

I wrote about my experience and methodology here:

Zuckerberg said something like "There is no number of people I could hire which would be enough to review Facebook content".

So for him it's AI or bust. Either he makes automated moderation work somehow, or Facebook goes under or has to change in some major way.

I think it will turn out that people moderating their own communities is really the only solution.

En grei grunn til å unngå å kjøpe fra IKEA. Bangladesh-avtalen er ikke perfekt men den har gjort livet litt bedre for mange. At de skal kunne oppnå det samme på egen hånd med skjulte leverandørlister er en løgn.

"as a child, my parents were murdered right in front of me by an airplane and a witch stole my birthday. i swore two oaths – 'fuck!' and also 'shit!' – that very night. now, by day, i am charles entertainment cheese, billionaire playboy and birthday philanthropist. by night, i am PIZZA RAT"

*we're engaging in rigorous intellectual debate*

me: ... therefore, my argument is correct. Now, look at this picture of a lovely dog

you: this is the Nice Dog Fallacy!!! Nice Dog Fallacy!!!!!!!

crowd: *murmuring* it is a very nice dog though

Tilfeldig reiseoppdagelse: Frankrike er et fint land å få tannproblemer i. Bruk og let etter engelsktalende tannlege.

I was on and Twitter in 2009, so bear with me for a long-term perspective. It's exciting to see how steadily the community is growing here. I see many toots that are boosted dozens of times. I see healthy discourse running through instances. I see "trending topics" without the advertising bs. I see accounts with hundreds of followers.

These are all the positive network effects that are crucial to a successful, organic growth. And they're happening. RIGHT NOW.

On the train from the Netherlands to France where it's spring and.. ah, a massive train strike.

A point about centralization which isn't often mentioned:

In any future wars, or civil wars, those large and expensively cooled warehouses full of servers are going to become primary targets. Take those out (or just their cooling system) and the communications infrastructure of a nation is heavily depleted.

I wrote an April Fools' thing but posted it another social network that is so new and cool that you haven't even heard of it yet. That's so sad for you!

7:30 i morges: “What’s that bloody sound?” “It’s the risen Christ. It’s the whole point of your religion.”

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