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Bjørn Stærk

Etter en opprydning i medisinskuffen viser det seg at vi har 3,5 kg ibuprofen og paracetamol.

Det morsomme med å sykle opp Tvetenveien er at jeg kan se hvordan elsykkel har tatt av det siste året. For ett år siden var det to-tre elsykler som passerte meg. I dag var det ti.

of the day: I've set up streaming of my old music archive to my phone via Because after using Spotify for a couple of years I realize that it's horrible at organizing things I like.

Syng for meg, o Muse, og fortell om attenhundretallsideologien som rev seg løs fra sin historiske kontekst og nå visstnok har svaret på alle våre spørsmål.

Facebook actually put *fake red dots* to try and make you think you have messages even if you don't, so you agree to their tracking more hastily. Read full complaint against Facebook: - with tricks like that, sorry Facebook, you deserve to be hit hard.

Malmö. Gutt, ca 11, dytter lillesøster på rulleskøyter så hun faller, og smiler fornøyd.
Bestemoren deres: Va onödigt.
Nå har også jeg sett den svenske unnfallenheten i møte med ondskapen.

1998: Togreise i Europa. De eneste som sjekket passet mitt var tsjekkerne.
2018: Ny togreise i Europa. De eneste som sjekket passet var danskene og svenskene.

After a few hours with the Temporary Containers addon, I can reveal that this addon is *awesome*. It's just what the Containers system needed - I was already using an "Untrusted" container, but this is much better. Go use it!

#firefox #addons #perfect

Downside of : Lots of bullshit emails. Upside: Being able to go to all the new settings and say no thanks, no thanks, no thanks and no thanks.

Want to keep your web traffic isolated?

#Firefox provided a while ago an addon for multi-user-containers that allows you to isolate various pages from each other:

Now you can just create masses of these containers with a short life-time:

En leser tipset meg om, en tysk nettbutikk som har drevet med holdbare produkter lenger, og har et større utvalg.

"As individual consumers, the single best thing we can do for the planet is keep our stuff in use longer."

"If richer nations are to be serious in their commitment to the Paris target, they must begin to account for the carbon emissions contained within products they import"

Dokumentarserietips: Dirty Money på Netflix.

"The natural capital agenda is the definitive expression of our disengagement from the living world. First we lose our wildlife and natural wonders. Then we lose our connections with what remains of life on Earth. Then we lose the words that described what we once knew. Then we call it capital and give it a price. This approach is morally wrong, intellectually vacuous, emotionally alienating and self-defeating."

Min anmeldelse av A Life Less Throwaway, boka til om hvordan man kjøper langlevde produkter.

Happy Constitution Day to the Norway that lives, that knows that things always change, that remembers both the good and the bad things in its past, that it is possible to become part of, that doesn't think it's perfect, that tries to learn from others, and that continues to deny monopoly of the flag to nationalists.