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Bjørn Stærk

Anonymity expert @jhirshon has kept his face offline for two decades.

Find out how he avoids detection by the omniscient internet in this week’s episode of IRL: source:

Pretty amazing how times change. I spent the evening playing board games, and watching Let's Play videos, and listening to music.

But when they were my age, my parents were spending every evening in the darkened woods outside of town, bodies daubed in mud, hunting the Shadow Wolves that regularly raided our village, coming back each night to me and my brother with their breath smelling of blood and that peculiar hallucinogenic tea that was brewed from the the humming mushrooms that grew under the floorboards of our home and whose music lulled us to sleep each evening.

I've known for a long time that half of everything I believe is wrong. The problem is that I never know which half.

From a practical point of view, I do of course understand how difficult it would be to confiscate weapons from millions of angry, armed assholes. It probably won't be fun to knock on the door of some angry asshole to take their weapon away. I really don't know the best way to carry this out, considering how angry all the armed assholes will be.

A few thoughts on tech-worker-redemption stories that - in the end - only serve to further cement their problematic dominance in intrinsically political discourses.

"Revolusjonen trenger ikke færre giljotiner. Den trenger snarere at vi maksimerer antallet giljotiner."

RT You can't buy one, so as we always say, the most ethical smartphone is the one you already have.

RT The culture wars in the USA are now boring. There was a time when culture wars meant arguing about the literary canon or whether pre-Islamic Egypt was an African civilisation. Now they have something to do with lobsters.

The nice thing about already having a static HTML website - it took only two commands to upload it to IPFS:

When people warn against polarization, I think of the philosophy student who when asked if God exists, answered that some authorities say he does and others say he doesn't, but that the truth, as always, probably lies somewhere in-between.

Yes, radicalization and echo chambers are bad. Picking a side? Not necessarily.

The only downside to cycling in the winter is that when it snows, Dean Martin starts singing Baby It's Cold Outside in my head.

RT A billionaire sends his car to Mars, the president is a white nationalist game-show host who speaks directly through his followers' handsets, and advertising networks track everyone night & day. No more Philip K. Dick shows/movies needed. We are here.

Do you want me to buy a new phone, is that it??

Hey stock market, was it something I said? Talk to me. It's because I started working less, isn't it? I didn't mean it like that. Please, you have to believe me.

As punishment for getting involved with a Jonah Peterson debate I was asked to review his book. I am now 100% up to date on the latest in lobster-based serotonin hacks. I know which Disney movies tell eternal Jungian truths (Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio) and which are propaganda (Frozen). I've toughened myself. I've stared down the emptiness of Being. I've gotten rid of my needy friends. I am ready to begin my heroic struggle against the hateful message of David Attenborough.