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Well, I've decided to go beyond my limits and make an Android game. I know literally NOTHING about programming. It would be a great test of how far can I go. I've chosen Unity as game engine. And now watching C# course on YT. The game is going to be a simple pixelart gardening simulator. No aim. No Ads. No InApp purchases. Just grow a plant ypu like, listen to sound, watch the weather and daytime change. Thats pretty much all for now.

I have just realized that this letter “Ü” looks like me when I’m listening to my favorite music

🇷🇺Почему я люблю Apple Music. Можно найти плейлист на любой случай жизни.

🇬🇧 That’s why I love Apple Music. You can find a playlist for every case.

Накатил iOS 11 на новый айпад. Заебись, прям очень заебись, яблоко сильно шагнуло вперёд в интерфейсе планшетном.

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So @bit_aspect just put up my favorite of their pixel art on Redbubble, and I think everyone should go take a look.

I'm sure they will be uploading more, too.

I just ordered a print, and I can't wait to get it.

Well I'm kinda alive. I bought new iPad and it's really fucking awesome, so I'm waiting for my Wacom pencil to be delivered and I'll continue my drawings

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