@eishiya thank you! I've studied a lot of other artists works with color picker to indicate an approximate range of colors and saturation/brightness levels that people use. Also I realized that people like when you use mixed colors. Green+blue/orange and etc, it's like a chocolate with salty crackers :)

And yeah, dark zone is pretty big but I didn't find another way to show depth in formation. I used lighter shadows on smaller rocks cuz they are pretty round and "classic"

@tomasino I use iPad + wacom stylus. App is Pixaki 3 (you won't find a better thing for iOS)

@eishiya hmm I've studied some photos before drawing, but yes, I'm agree.

@eishiya for example this cliff based on Monet's painting. I did lightshade and does it really look like rock? I mean I've tried to make it as much solid as I could but this god damn lack of details...or maybe I'm just doing something wrong

@eishiya yeah, I get that, but I'm facing another problem. When I try to paint a rock with a single mass, it looks flat. Depth and volume disappear. When I try to draw cracks in it, it turns out even more ridiculous. I can not find a balance between the details and the volume.

@eishiya I have another problem that suddenly popped out. I can't get how to draw a sold rock. I easily draw individual stones, but I can not understand what a solid rock looks like. I can draw a mountain from afar or a stone near, but if it's about the average distance, I'm just lost. I draw a couple of separate stones and do not know what to do after that. When I begin to add details, it all looks like an ugly pile of unconnected cobblestones. How can I avoid this?

@eishiya oh damn I haven't seen this reply until wanted to ask you a question ahaha
yeah AA is pretty fucked up in this piece, I have to improve this skill

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