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Alex 👾 @bit_aspect

@Quadragondin if you are using Android then use Pixly, it's awesome and free. And Asperite on PC/Mac :)

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So @bit_aspect just put up my favorite of their pixel art on Redbubble, and I think everyone should go take a look.

I'm sure they will be uploading more, too.

I just ordered a print, and I can't wait to get it.

@ajroach42 wow, thank you very much! I didn't even think someone would want to buy my art 😂

@ajroach42 well I think I managed to upload it. It says it can take up to 15 minutes to appear in my portfolio. I uploaded the highest resolution so it fits all products

@ajroach42 I got it, thank you very much for help. I'll try all sites that you mentioned. Or you would like print from some certain site?

@ajroach42 I use Pixaki 3 app on iPad. That's all. I know that some guys are selling prints on redbubble or society6, but I have never though about doing so. And you are the first person who is asking me for print ahaha I have to register on these sites, upload images and set the price? Sorry for lack of knowledge, I'm russian we have only vodka, bears and everlasting winter overs here you know)

@ajroach42 ahaha thank you! I would like to do prints but I don't know how...I'm just a hobbyist with an iPad ahaha

@CountZero ahaha thank you for your kind words! My twitter: @bit_aspect Tumblr: 8bit-noob DeviantArt: 8bitnoob :)

OMG! How could I forget to post this shit?
Pastel colors clouds and sunset, feel da vibes!

@Curator Apple Pencil is compatible with iPad Pro as I know. I bought iPad 2017 9.7 so I can't use Apple Pencil.

Well I'm kinda alive. I bought new iPad and it's really fucking awesome, so I'm waiting for my Wacom pencil to be delivered and I'll continue my drawings