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Alex 👾

oh oh oh I feel the riptide gripping me tight
I have no damn idea how people draw sexy gurls, really

Samurai Champloo fanart. Man that was one of the best things I've ever seen

Mockup of I don't know what, was just trying to do something close to a video game. And it's much harder then I used to think

So after hours of p̶a̶i̶n̶ fun I’ve made my pixelart tree. Dunno who decided to draw trees first but he was truly mad. Or had over9000 spare hours.
P.S. Take that mother nature!

Does anyone want to collaborate with me? I suggest to pick a theme and make a few 180x180 pixelart pieces. No skill required (cuz I’m unskilled AF). It must be pretty fun. What do you think guys?

I'm currently studying the fundamentals of environment art so the result is crooked but next pieces must be better

Well, I've decided to go beyond my limits and make an Android game. I know literally NOTHING about programming. It would be a great test of how far can I go. I've chosen Unity as game engine. And now watching C# course on YT. The game is going to be a simple pixelart gardening simulator. No aim. No Ads. No InApp purchases. Just grow a plant ypu like, listen to sound, watch the weather and daytime change. Thats pretty much all for now.

I have just realized that this letter “Ü” looks like me when I’m listening to my favorite music

🇷🇺Почему я люблю Apple Music. Можно найти плейлист на любой случай жизни.

🇬🇧 That’s why I love Apple Music. You can find a playlist for every case.