@eishiya I have another problem that suddenly popped out. I can't get how to draw a sold rock. I easily draw individual stones, but I can not understand what a solid rock looks like. I can draw a mountain from afar or a stone near, but if it's about the average distance, I'm just lost. I draw a couple of separate stones and do not know what to do after that. When I begin to add details, it all looks like an ugly pile of unconnected cobblestones. How can I avoid this?

Mockup of I don't know what, was just trying to do something close to a video game. And it's much harder then I used to think

So after hours of p̶a̶i̶n̶ fun I’ve made my pixelart tree. Dunno who decided to draw trees first but he was truly mad. Or had over9000 spare hours.
P.S. Take that mother nature!


Does anyone want to collaborate with me? I suggest to pick a theme and make a few 180x180 pixelart pieces. No skill required (cuz I’m unskilled AF). It must be pretty fun. What do you think guys?

I'm currently studying the fundamentals of environment art so the result is crooked but next pieces must be better


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