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Sort of figuring out how to engage with this place better. I guess this is an ?
I'm very much into specifically and whatever offshoots and subgenre of those the kids use these days. I dabble in stuff also. Love to chat recording!
Also love (2 years of .)
I'm a and
Teaching my self .

More hashtags!

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Ok here goes posting something I made. Done a few weeks ago. Kind of a quirky thing with some and .

Yay it's again!
Hurray for making music!

If you're so inclined, I have an assortment of albums & singles of the ol' tasty bedroom pop variety available.

Please be sure to use the coupon code "mastodon" (no quotes) for a bit of a discount and thanks a million just for listening.

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You can turn off the news and sign off social media for a bit. It's okay.

Is there a more awful task than stirring a newly opened jar of natural peanut butter?

Messing around with my old Omnichord, using the strum strip to control some cheesy horns in Logic via midi (the midi horns start around :38). Kinda wonky and some notes stick and need to be reset, but still fun.

I covered that song from Carrie that her and Tommy dance to at the prom, spinning around and around, so happy, just moments before she gets soaked with pig blood. It's a great song! Did you know that the original song (written by Pino Donaggio & Merrit Malloy) is sung on the soundtrack by Katie Irving, sister of Amy Irving who plays Sue Snell in the movie? And that their real-life mother is Priscilla Pointer, who played Sue Snell's mother in the film? Well it's true. CARRIE WHITE BURNS IN HELL!

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#art/#history bit of a quick one for a big-hearted genius. i hate drawing sunglasses, but i love stevie wonder. hope he’s having loads of nice vegan cakes to celebrate his 72nd year. thank you for your countless musical masterpieces, dear sir.
#music #musique #stevieWonder #mastoArt

Clowns. Dolls. Fire. Eye contact. 

"Worst Things," an a capella song I wrote about 10 years ago. I made a video for it back then in my backyard using my BRAND NEW iPHONE4 (haha!) and a skateboard and a heat gun.

Hey it's and who has some tasty homemade bedroom pop for sale? Me!
Lots of quiet singing and harmonies and guitars with some unexpected turns perhaps, and who doesn't LOVE describing themselves? I'm grateful to anyone who checks out my music, thanks a bunch. If you buy anything be sure to use the coupon code "mastodon" (no quotes).

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Expected to rain all day today. That's good; our pasture and aquifers need it. Also helps me focus on the task at hand, and that is cleaning the house. If watching rain is as meditative to you as it is me, check out the livestream:

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