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What is your best Google Maps replacement on Android and Iphone? Currently using Magic Earth from It's really good for routing but search is awful and I miss the open hours for restaurants/shops.

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If your website's login page looks like this:


(ᵉˣᶦˢᵗᶦⁿᵍ ᵘˢᵉʳˢ)

Then you probably stop caring about your users the second they join your service.

LinkedIn Learning's (Lynda) spam emails always have a class for "mastering interview code". I think the age of online courseware is dying.

Everybody is making fun of these, but I'm definitely going to start saying them. They're hilarious.

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Intrusive menu bars, cookie notifications, SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER -- these have replaced browser toolbar stacking. The worst thing is I don't get to act smug towards the affected old people because I'm also affected.

American Pie ruined our brains.

This one time...

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Really enjoyed 's stream. Had me in an emotional state.

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Heard Kropotkin use the term "Laylord," presumably a variant of "layman"--one who practices their craft untrained.

Our modern-day capitalist horrorshow is full of laylords--the most socially unintelligent of us occupying leadership roles they are unequipped to fulfill.

My proposal, comrades:
Make "laylord" a thing. Bezos is a laylord. Zuckerberg is a laylord. Let's start calling them that. Let's entice people to ask what we mean. Let's have some meaningful conversations with people whose hearts and minds we might affect for the greater good.

Let's show people the laylords.

I'm starting work on a new project. I want players to create the world and connect their creations with those of other players.

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This seems relevant to my masto friends:

"So all the Animorphs books are available online for free with [Katherine Applegate]'s blessing, btw"

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