Got a great view of the flypast in Sheffield today from my attic window, interesting start to the day.

Sadly I couldn't hold the skylight open and take pictures so I didn't get any but there's a bunch of them over the internet now.

2.7 million medical calls breached in Sweden

The calls were stored on a NAS connected to the internet with no authentication or encryption, with people's phone numbers in the file names of audio files

Not listened to this one for ages, felt the need for some anti-capitalist punk:

Apparently this turns 20 next month too 😱

Ridiculous steps. This isn't even all of them! It's a good shortcut though so I'm glad they're there.

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At each refresh, this website will generate a realistic face of a person who doesn't exist, based on datasets of real pictures. Fascinating.

CW: the whole concept is a bit freaky. Eye contact. Backgrounds are almost always wierd, and if there are portions of other faces on the generated picture, they will look deformed and somewhat scary.

systemd is so controversial because it's short for "system dog", and a lot of linux folks are cat people

Morning tooters!

Any idea what causes remote followers to have the default masto icon instead of their profile pic? If I view their profile on the instance itself I can see they have one set, but it just doesn't show in my timeline.

Troublegum by Therapy? - the whole album, to celebrate it's 25th anniversary today!

One of my all time top ten albums I reckon, such an underrated band.

Last week I bought a desk planner from Ryman (UK stationery shop) that I'd previously ordered online. Was horrified when they asked for ID, then took my passport and entered at least part of my passport number into the system.

I've since complained and they responded that they're "sorry for the negative experience" and that they will make shop staff "aware of the "correct process". They also say they'll make sure this info isn't stored.

I'm sceptical. If this isn't the correct process, why is there a field on the computer system for entering passport numbers at all? And if it isn't being stored, why are they entering it?

Sounds to me like the old game of blaming individual shop staff for organisational choices. I have followed up because I'm not letting this go, and I might end up reporting Ryman to the ICO. Has anyone else had a similar experience with Ryman? I'd like to gather more evidence.


I wrote step-by-step instructions on how to move from one instance to another on Mastodon, which I've been told works, so here it is:

Wiley - Wot Do U Call It?

If I hadn't heard this when it came out I wouldn't believe this is from 2004. Sounds much more recent.

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