If you've ever wondered how books get onto archive.org, this is how

Ansible's winding me up. Or possibly paramiko. Or maybe both...

Been playing Dead Cells on the switch a bit, it's pretty addictive though I don't think I'm getting very far yet. Also I'm still bad at platforming.

I saw this meme last week:


I'd never even heard of Disintegration Loops before, but I do like ambient stuff so gave it a try.

I'm really impressed with it, I never thought a few seconds looped for over an hour would either be something I'd enjoy or something quite moving but it's ended up being both.

I've not listened to all of it but will do at some point. I'm not sure that's what the meme was intending but I've found new music so that's good I guess!

One of my favourite albums came out 25 years ago yesterday, so I'm listening to it nice and loud :)

The Wildhearts - Earth Vs The Wildhearts

Totally underrated band IMO, every song on this album is fantastic.

Mafia III has made me listen to a Northern Soul playlist on Spotify, so there's that going for it at least.

Add "RT @" to your muted words to hide retweets vis crossposters.

I have retweets blocked on bird site for self-care so seeing them here in the "safer" place is annoying as hell

οΌ¨ο½…ο½Œο½Œο½ Fediverse!

Poor form by BBC using the term "Living Wage" in this headline. The government's "National Living Wage" is less that the actual Living Wage, which is why people cant afford to live on it. bbc.co.uk/news/business-452420

Oh and the menu UI is awful, there's options that don't look like options, I've had to look so much stuff up online. Other than that it's pretty fun, and the "Take over each area" thing is just addictive enough to want to do one more each time.

Been playing Mafia III as it's free on PSN at the moment. It's pretty fun, though quite buggy in places. The enemy AI isn't up to much, though that has been genuinely hilarious a few times now. Oh and I wish pedestrians would stop throwing themselves under my car!

Dark Souls Remastered release confirmed to be 19th October for the Switch. Better late than never, though I was hoping it would be out sooner than that.

Hey fediverse, been gone for a while, I was on holiday then kinda forgot about this place when I got back. How's everyone doing?

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