Hey @unfa ! I have a hopefully simple question for you. I know you can use a compressor to lengthen transients, but what can you use to shorten them? The mix I'm practising with has a bass guitar part which I want to make more staccato, but I'm a bit lost on how to do that.

Not positive, terfs 

So fucking tired of terfs. I'm not even trans either, I have no idea how my trans and nb friends handle it, sending love to all trans and nb people, especially those here in the UK who are having such a tough time at the moment.

Did some stuff with Ardour 6 at the weekend. I've used 5 for a while as a glorified tape recorder and it was great at that, but the MIDI stuff was just too annoying, notes would get stuck on when I was using hardware. All that is fixed in 6, which made it a much, much better experience! So well done to the Ardour team, I might need to do more MIDI stuff in future ;)

Happy Bandcamp Friday everyone!

I have a new album out, pay as you feel, there's more deserving people to give your cash to...


Hay hoomans, you take care.

Give your cat or other creature some love. That will cheer you both up.

#MastoCats #Cats

Hi fellow young people, it is 2020 and we are a television company, what even is a "web link"

is it something illegal you are smoking

it is definitely something illegal you are smoking isn't it.

stop "linking your blogs" and "planking your fidget spinners" and get your lives right before Choice TV, the Wrathful God of Copyright



Dear recruiters,
There's nothing that turns me off more than:
‣ a cold phone call (no one likes being interrupted, or phones)
‣ a LinkedIn connection request when I've not worked with you

accepting south park is trash is simply a healthy phase of growing up

Does anyone own a Dell XPS 15 7590 4k UHD laptop with touch screen?

If so, wanna do a test for me?

Boosts appreciated

@gentlerdarknesses plus all the "fuck everyone in the South" attitude completely ignores how those places have the highest Black population density of anywhere in the US, and the only reason they're "heavily right-wing" is because of massive voter suppression, economic discrimination, and right-wing people being entrenched at all levels of power

1991 - Point Break: John Utah
1992 - Bram Stoker's Dracula: Jonathan Harker
1993 - Much Ado About Nothing: Don John
1995 - Johnny Mnemonic: Johnny
2005 - Constantine: John Constantine
2012 - Generation Um...: John
2014 - John Wick: John Wick


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One of the worst crimes of social media, among many, is how algorithmic content presentation assumes people have no interest in individuals, only topics. It's so inhuman! What fuckup went 'ah yes, this person follows people who post trees, they must only be interested in trees, not the person. Trees, coming up!'

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