Kitten update, nearly a month later:

(It's hard to get the colours right so you can actually see Blixa)

Ben's guide to docker-compose:

1) How to start your cluster.

To start your cluster simply run `docker-compose up`

Then realise you meant to add a `-d`, so hit Ctrl-C, wait for it to clean up and run `docker-compose up -d`.

Slight modular update. Got a Monsoon module delivered on Saturday, it's a clone of Mutable Instrument's Clouds which I got from Pusherman Productions.

It's amazing for ambient stuff, really nice reverb and you can freeze and loop the wet output, been playing with it for hours.

I've been avoiding clones of MI stuff but this one extends the original quite a bit with more CV inputs, and the main thing is Clouds has been discontinued.

@CobaltVelvet not sure if this is something wrong with octodon or the remote instance but I'm not seeing peoples avatars. If I go to the image url I get an error:

Storage:StorReadFailed at=storsys.(*StorRead).ReadInternal( ./storsys/storread.go:879 )

I suspect it might be the remote instance as I can see avatars from others fine, but as the url contains octodon I wanted to rule it out. Example url:

The avatar works fine if I go direct to their instance.

ukpol, protest 

Can any experienced decorators advise? I'm stripping wallpaper and what I'm finding under it isn't looking great: some bare spots of plaster and some gummy bits of presumably latex paint. Once it's all dry, how do I treat this wall before painting it?

Might have gone a bit OTT with this modular lark... should have some interesting stuff arriving tomorrow though, all going well :)

Pleroma shittiness again 

Today is the 200th anniversary of the #Peterloo massacre. On 16th August 1819, 60,000 people gathered peacefully in St. Peter's Field, Manchester to advocate for parliamentary reform when cavalry charged into the crowd, killing 18 people and injuring 400-700. It is one of the defining events in British radical history.

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