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"In the next few days and weeks you’ll see issues with Royal Mail in the news. You’ll see the union are preparing for a strike. You’ll see the news try and put the union in a bad light and make them out to be the bad guys. They couldn’t be more wrong. We’ve had an agreement in place for over a year and all we are asking for, is for this agreement to be honoured. Instead the CEO is trying to bleed the company dry and destroy our service, and we are simply trying to protect it.
Many postal staff wake up at 4am every day, working in all weather conditions facing all sorts of hazards with a busy workload that dictates what time we get home to our families, all to provide you with the service you deserve.
We may strike for a day, we may strike for two but compared to what would happen if we didn’t it’s minimal disruption. Don’t fall for the media lies... (1/2)

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I can't emphasize enough how much I don't care about this new Trump admin book. I'm sure it's a nightmare working with this man but every single person in the administration deserves it. if any of them had any morals they would have resigned and denounced him for the fascist he is, but they don't, they capitulate, because at the end of the day their disagreements with him are largely aesthetic and they're happy to enable his ravings so long as he delivers them conservative judges and tax cuts

Blixa and Mick are starting to get pretty big now. Here's Blixa chilling out at the top of our stairs, and Mick having a sleep on my lap.

here's a take that's not that hot because it's clearly painfully obvious:
IQ tests are racist
IQ tests are ableist
IQ tests do not provide any actual basis for intelligence, wisdom, ability, or creativity which are abstract concepts all varying in meanings and degrees, and using IQ score numbers and results as a way to prove ones superiority over others is disingenuous as fuck and completely false.

Please - don't submit music that uses samples from commercially published music!
#unfalive #music

Adding "Downing Street source" to my filters...

Not keen on the huge address bar in new tabs on - anyone know how to turn it off?


The case is starting to get a bit full. I've added a Doepfer A-106-5 SEM Filter, which is pretty nice. The cutoff dial isn't as big or as nice as the filter on the SV-1 but it sounds pretty good. I'm enjoying the distortion it adds when the level is over 5.

Also added the Squid Salmpler from ALM Busy Circuits. It's pretty fun and intuitive to use, need to get my head round it a bit more tho, and could do with more trigger generators.

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Kittens! They just about fit on their tower still but they're getting pretty big.

Mick decided the blanket would make a good hammock, and Blixa sat on me briefly. He's really not a lap cat and has sat on me about 6 times since we got them in May.

My compose key doesn't seem to be working in on . It used to work, and still works on urxvt... I've tried setting GTK_IM_MODULE=xim in firefox's environment to no avail, any ideas?

Modular update! I got Mutable Instruments Marbles for my birthday recently, so I've added that to the case. I've also moved some modules around so I don't have to use the long cables as much. René has all it's inputs/outputs at the top so I've moved it to the bottom, Marbles is the opposite so it's gone to the top etc.

Forgot to take a photo, but lots of people at the in today, good to see such a great turn out!

Kitten update, nearly a month later:

(It's hard to get the colours right so you can actually see Blixa)

Ben's guide to docker-compose:

1) How to start your cluster.

To start your cluster simply run `docker-compose up`

Then realise you meant to add a `-d`, so hit Ctrl-C, wait for it to clean up and run `docker-compose up -d`.

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