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one problem of the modern web's love to make everything clickable (see: tweets, toots) is that if you want to copy-paste something it can be sort of a crapshoot as to if it works or opens a new thing

and the familiar multiple-clicks-to-select-increasingly-more obviously fails

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Fun fact: You only use about 10% of your brain, because you're actually plugged into a computer simulation where the other 90% of your brain is being used to process #bitcoin transactions

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Oh - just remembered I got the Platinum for Horizon Zero Dawn at the weekend, for the first time. I've really enjoyed this game and will probably get the DLC trophies in the near future.

The hunting grounds were pretty much the last trophies I had left, and they weren't as hard as I thought they were going to be.

Got the Bloodborne Platinum (again) yesterday, this time it took me just over 14 hours (including the DLC).

A bit disappointed to be honest, I was aiming for less than 12 but not too bad for a de-rust I guess, it's been months since I played it.

The quickest I did it in was 9½ hours, I'd like to get back to that pace but I need to get better with a few bosses.

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@kitation further to yesterday's chat about NG+ in Bloodborne being a lot quicker than NG, I managed to get to Byrgenwerth in about 30 minutes this morning.

Spent all morning yesterday trying to beat a particular boss in Bloodborne. Decided to have one go at it this morning before work and beat them first try. I guess I just needed a rest.

Morning fediverse! A bit tired today, I was awoken early this morning by a trio of urban foxes playing in my street. They were very cute but I am feeling sleepy now.

Can't remember if I saw it here or on birdsite, but if you type '%' in to the address bar in Firefox it gives you a list of your open tabs that you can then select.

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2008: "Includes support for Windows, Mac, and Linux"

Oh wow, how convenient! I really appreciate talented developers who write good cross-platform code and accomodate to users of multiple operating systems!

2018: "Includes support for Windows, Mac, and Linux"

Oh great, another fucking Electron app 🙄

Hadoop + Kerberos + SLES = FML

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Repeat after me - with usermod and -G you probably always want -a as well.