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Ben πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί

The most beautiful code I have ever see. It modifies itself to spin a world globe:

Someone tell every marketing guy that if you make a played-straight "MAGA" joke you will alienate about 75% of your audience

Country closest to #Bitcoin in terms of electricity consumption: Czech Republic

Electricity consumed per transaction (KWh): 981

Number of U.S. households that could be powered by Bitcoin: 6,398,945

Bitcoin's electricity consumption as a percentage of the world's electricity consumption: 0.31%

Carbon footprint per transaction (kg of CO2): 480.57


Bitcoin will soon surpass Chile, Austria and the Philippines. Holy fucking shit. We have to stop this.

Whenever I read that people quit Mastodon because they couldn't "say whatever I want" I'm like

I mean fascism isn't about jackboots, it's about individual and collective liberties being squashed every time they come into conflict with corporate and government interests. you can get squashed by a smiley face. you can even think you like it while it's happening. that doesn't change the power dynamic.

Can't get the NieR: Automata soundtrack out of my head...

NieR: Automata Show more

Less happy to discover that apparently nightly has forgotten to use British English...

Bit of a flashback today, I discovered an old favourite album: Punk-O-Rama 3!

Had quite a bit of fun Sunbroing on the Dark Souls Remastered network test on Friday. The game feels just how I remembered it, which is exactly what I wanted, so I'm happy with that. The new lighting engine looks good but there were a few objects that were a bit bluer than I remember.

It looks loads better than the videos I'd seen before.

Morning , back at work after a few days off. Had a good time, pleased with the local election results - the work I put in seems to have really paid off.

If you side with nations, you will always side against humans that the national authorities are denying the same rights, just because they are born on the 'wrong' side of the border.

❀ humans not nations!

Saw Shonen Knife last night and it was amazing! I can't explain why they're so good, it doesn't make sense on paper but they're definitely one of the best bands I've ever seen live. Might have had something to do with them looking like they were having so much fun - I've never seen a drummer look that happy!

Google or UK police: who is fibbing about terror takedowns? asks @jim as Google release their first Youtube transparency report … #censorship #CTIRU

Though it's not helped that much.

Anyone else had this in - sometimes (a few times a day) I'll open a new tab, start typing, get one or two characters in and it just freezes. If I change focus to another program and come back to Firefox it works fine.