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Okay, time !

I am Zoé, 30 years old belgian. French is my main language, but I can understand/speak english.

I work in IT-for-healthcare domain. I love my job, but not really to talk about it.
I love to complain (about everything), tho.

My main activities here are shitposting and faving toots.

we're working on new stuff, but in the meantime it's bandcamp friday again!!

artists get 100% of bandcamp sales today, so if you've discovered any new artists recently or want to support your favs, please do so if you can x

p.s. we're on bandcamp 👀

Does keysmashing make you a bottom?

(copied from a screenshot)

:blobthinking: believing that people have True Names - hokey but understandable

:blob_gnikniht: believing that each person has a single True Name - unduly limiting but not impossible

:hot_shit: :oh_no: believing that a person's One True Name is whatever a government registry has on their records - the perfect blend of authoritarian and bureaucratic

@swiff @clarjon1 ohhhh maybe it's not actually a single account.... [Reddit link but actually has an explanation in the comments]

@clarjon1 Tree crashes through a wall, out pop a cordless drill, two cobs of corn, a pound of sunflower seeds, and like six beanie babies spill onto the ground

@clarjon1 Imagine a whole houseful of this, and then that house getting blown apart into the world's most confusing pile of rubble during a hurricane

being a switch is weird.
i can remove my controllers and i can be docked and output to an external display at a higher resolution and frame rate isn't that strange?

Moi : "je suis pas ace".
Also moi : *remplace le mot "horny" par "niaise" dans les memes qu'æl partage parce qu'æl n'est presque jamais horny.

This is a subtoot toward so many of you.

(niaise=cheesy, I think ? Its when you melt from too much cuteness.)

nourriture meta 

"Quelle est la différence entre un bon et un mauvais cuisinier ?

Le bon cuisinier fait de la bonne bouffe"
Loop Hero (ou presque) :3

pol fr, covid 

C'est justement *parce qu'il reste* des vaccins dans les frigos qu'il *faut* reconfiner.

Ca sert à rien de reconfiner quand tout le monde est vacciné.

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gross, nsfw, not safe for life 

i can't stop thinking about this

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